WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH-With a budget of $734,000, the Wrightsville Beach marketing agency is ready to turn a profit after a year of lockdown and social restrictions. Under the supervision of Wilmington and the Beach Convention and Tourism Bureau, the coastal city’s marketing budget this year has increased by 22.5% compared to two years ago. The
office vault is funded by a room occupancy tax levied on temporary rents in three seaside towns in New Hanover County. This 6% tax is divided into two parts; half is used to fund beach nutrition and promote travel and tourism throughout New Hanover County, and the other half is used for projects in specific cities where the tax is collected.
In planned expenditures, social media will become the dominant force: US$130,000 for advertising campaigns on search engines and social media platforms; US$20,000 for hiring influencers; on audio and video streaming platforms such as Hulu and Spotify The cost of advertising on the website is $68,000.
Kim Hufham, chairman of the New Hanover County Office of Tourism Development, wrote in an email to the Port City Daily that the county’s coastal cities “made the majority of Covid, except during the closing months, the tax was increased. by room occupancy “.
“Wilmington and Beach Convention and Tourism Bureau’s post-epidemic marketing plan aims to increase traffic by setting an off-season (fall / spring / winter) and targeting first-time and repeat visitors” Hufham wrote. “During Covid, our main marketing focus was on local tourists who have been to Wilmington and our island’s beaches in the past.” Under the new budget of
, the beach city government approved part of Wrightsville Beach last week and allocated $ 588,000 for its use. “Advertising / Media / Services”. The $ 100,000 “emergency” project brought the total budget to $ 733,810. According to Hufham, the emergency part is an adaptation to crisis communication – such as the return of a hurricane or Covid19 – “and new marketing opportunities that may arise in a fiscal year and after the plan occurs.”
“Returning Customers The importance cannot be overstated. Wilmington and Beach CVB are still committed to marketing to our loyal visitors and providing a quality visitor experience,” Hufham wrote.

“Strengthening attention to include new visitors identified in the research will help increase visits to our destinations.”
The room occupancy tax driving these efforts is regulated by New Hanover County. “Any business or individual operator providing taxable accommodations (such as hotels, motels, inns, room rentals, tourist camps, or other short-term rentals) in New Hanover County must collect room occupancy tax according to [state law], “According to the county tax website.
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