The world’s number one Novak Djokovic defeated Dennis Kudla with 64, 63, 76 points to enter the fourth round of the Wimbledon Open in 2021, and accepted the extraordinary after winning the most recent. Interesting interview.
Djokovic is the top seed and favorite of SW19. He was very effective in ensuring that he directly defeated the Americans in the first game.
The top seed never seemed to worry too much, even if Kudla took the lead in the third set tie-break, and then after the 25-year-old Chilean beat Pedro Martinez, he will face Christie Ann Garlin.
`It affects me, it troubles me `Djokovic reveals the irritated emotions` It affects me, it troubles me `Djokovic reveals the irritated emotions
`It came to me and it made me very angry` DJOKOVIC reveals the emotions of being irritated
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. After sweeping the first two sets with a serve break required at a critical moment, Djokovic passed in the third set An interesting decisive game was fought, with a score of 97.
. Although the U.S. qualifier led by 41 points and eventually became the third and final tiebreaker, Djokovic showed his famous fighting spirit to counterattack. Way to end the game.
`Federer is not among Wimbledon’s favorites, Djokovic’s super favorite `Mouratoglou
Djokovic defeats Kudla in the fourth round at Wimbledon
In an interview after the game, Djokovic Kovic was asked where his fighting power and fighting qualities came from.
Djokovic explained: “I think part of my family’s genes is the way I grew up in difficult times in the country.”
“Failure is never the choice of me or my family. We just need to find survival in that era. The basic necessities. It’s difficult, I think it strengthens my character, I’ll say. Chapter
I spent a lot of time on the mountain with the wolf, so this is the energy of the wolf. I’m not kidding, really!
When Kudla tried his best against his opponent, the Serbian occasionally lost his temper, but in the end it was the 34-year-old player who won.
“I must praise Dennis for playing very well,” Djokovic said.
Novak Djokovic, poing serré, lors de son 3e tour du tournoi de Wimbledon, against Denis Kudla, July 2, 2021 Novak Djokovic, poing serré, lors de son 3e tour du tournoi de Wimbledon, vs. Denis Kudla, July 24, April 24, Novak Djokovic, poing serré, lors de son 3e tour du tournoi de Wimbledon, vs. Denis Kudla, July 2, 2021
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“The third set is very close. He is a great person on and off the court. We get along well and I wish him all the best.
“He played three big games today. He was a bit unlucky in the tie-break. He was in front most of the time. Somehow I found a way to win.” This
Australian Open earlier this year The French Open champion has received strong support to continue his incredible form this season, as his goal is to tie with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for 20 individual Grand Slam titles. The
defending champion is chasing his sixth Wimbledon title, and if he can continue as he started, he is certainly expected to win three Grand Slams this year.

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