The number of tenders invited through electronic government procurement (e-GP) portal crossed 5 lakh today with the total value hitting Tk 510,499 crore.

This is a landmark achievement of the e-GP system introduced by the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) of the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division under the planning ministry, the CPTU said in a press release.

The e-GP system has maintained zero downtime and it remained active and functional throughout the pandemic by keeping the helpdesk open round the clock, according to the statement.

On July 22 last year, the number of tenders was 4 lakh involving over Tk 410,000 crore.

Of the 1,365 procuring agencies in the country, 1,362 got registered with the e-GP system as of August 1 this year and the number of tenders registered with e-GP stood at 88,294 on the day.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the e-GP portal on June 2 in 2011 as part of digitalising public services.

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