Guenther Steiner knows it will be a difficult season. His Uralkali Haas team finished last in the Formula One race, and the pandemic will only exacerbate the financial pressure facing a small organization on a tight budget, to the point where it decided to abandon car development in 2021 and save resources for preparation. The 2022 design is necessary from time to time. The
team didn’t score a point in ten games and things were as bad as expected, but somehow they felt worse.
“Do you know how old I’ve grown in the last six months? Said Steiner, the 56-year-old captain of Haas, with a smile. “Look at my hair, I’m completely white.
Haas F1 team leader Guenther Steiner before testing in Bahrain in March.
Haas F1 team leader Guenther Steiner before testing in Bahrain in March. Mark Thompson / Getty Images
Still, he couldn’t help but feel optimistic, just as optimistic as when he first formed the team in 2014 and 2015. Of course, the Haas race car has grown weaker and weaker during the transition year. , and has emerged from a oncein-a-lifetime global economic disaster, but Formula One is changing. With the implementation of the new rules this year, the small teams in the series have reason to believe that they may finally start real races in the near future, and hope that it will not exist in recent years or at any other time in the history of the series. F1. .
After years of cost debates, Formula One introduced a budget cap for 2021, which was set at $ 145 million this season after the pandemic and reduced to $ 135 million by 2023. This has forced F1’s three largest teams, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, to slash spending. The spending of these teams soars to more than $400 million every year, and each team employs more than 1,000 people. But for the other seven teams in the series, this is a savior. They usually spend half or even a third of the Big Three. In the words of Alpine Racing CEO Laurent Rossi, they are “almost destined to stay. In midfield… ”
” If this doesn’t happen? I don’t think we will be here anymore,” Steiner said. His team received a new promise from owner Gene Haas last year because of speculation He may leave, he will remain in the series.
“It’s that you don’t have a chance, why do you want it? It doesn’t make sense to know how to participate in the competition and know you will be the last. This will be insane. ”
Guenther Steiner, Haas F1 Team Leader
The problem for small teams is twofold. First, although they can afford basic competitive costs like tires, fuel and team travel, they are used to design and test cars or hire engineers to solve problems Funding is limited. “We have US $ 5 million and US $ 6 million for some years. I think others have hundreds of millions of dollars in spending available on car upgrades, “said Otter, CEO of the newly renamed Aston Martin Cognizant. Mar Safnauer said it is one of the smallest companies in F1. A team of about 550 employees In contrast, strong brands with the best equipment record staggering costs such as marketing expenses to ensure their logo is displayed on the television screen.
In terms of revenue, F1 uses a formula to raise more revenue from rights to Media author and event planning fees for the winning team rather than the last ranked team. Sponsors have relatively little interest in working with teams that can’t always put their drivers on the podium. With insufficient funds to upgrade their cars, the smaller fleet fell further down the rankings. This is a feedback loop: Teams like Manor and Force India are bankrupt and Lotus is forced to sell for a dollar and cannot escape. The crisis is present.
“If there is no chance, why would you do this?” Said Steiner, admitting that the possibility of attracting the Russian fertilizer company Uralkali as a sponsor was a factor in Haas’ decision to sign driver Nikita Mazepin for the year. last. His father was him. Dad. “Knowing how to participate in the race and knowing that you will be the last does not make sense. It would be crazy.”
Haas Mick Schumacher scored during the British Grand Prix held at Silverstone on July 18 in the grandstand.
Haas Mick Schumacher pitches during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 18. Mark Thompson / GETTY IMAGES
All of this began to change. The
‘s new budget ceiling is slightly lower than the usual expenses of midfield teams like Alpine backed by Renault, while those like Aston Martin, Haas and Williams There is room for a small team like Sri Lanka to increase spending. On the other hand, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull simply cannot spend more money to get out of the predicament. Alpine’s Rossi said: “If suddenly everyone has the same number of hours and the same number of people and resources to work together, then compared to those who just drive the night, people with more creativity can get more. In return, he added, “This is not so much a’carpet blitz in the field of possibility’, but more like making a decision in one direction, and I hope this is the right direction.
The enthusiasm of the small team is the expectation that they can actually start making money in a traditionally good way to lose the game. According to the new Concord Agreement, an agreement signed by the team last year determines the series for the 2021-2025 season. The race structure, including the introduction of a budget cap, will allow F1’s core revenue to be more evenly distributed to all teams in all positions. On July 15, 4,444 Aston Martin drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lance strolled. July On the 15th,
Aston Martin drivers Sebastian Vettel (right) and Lance Stroll at the opening ceremony

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