Lionel Messi latest: Joan Laporta says negotiations with Messi are 'done and over'

Barcelona announces Messi’s departure: updates and reactions in real time

In this way, Laporta ended the press conference at Auditori 1899 that lasted nearly an hour and a half, explaining Messi’s situation in Catalan, Spanish and English. The chairman did not shy away from any questions that were asked, and summarized the club’s financial issues in detail. He made it clear that he has reached an agreement with Messi, and the player who is on vacation in Ibiza will sign a new contract on Thursday. Laporta did not directly blame La Liga or Javier Tebas, but revealed that Barcelona wants them to have more flexibility in the financial fair play rules in order to be able to register for Messi.


Laporta finishes its reporter conference that answers questions in English. “Leo Messi could reach the last time of this operation, he can not fail at all.
Lapport asked about the CVC contract.” The answer to him is in the air there are so many. It is obviously, we trust in Laliga. I emitted a statement that it seems to be very clear to us. CVC understands our position and we need them to discuss them. We were able to compete with him, if he believes that his rights are threats, he can protect his position.
Lopporta is asked if Messi can end. That is not something that he can comment. He is the best player in the world and obvious that he has other offers. We advance our best offer and we overcome it, but it exceeded that, but I met a materialized material for rally reasons.
Laporta: “We prepare around 200 million losses, but they will approach 487. It has to strive for the impact of our sponsorship trade that means. I am convinced that we have a player who excites our sponsor to be linked to Balsa.
Laporta: “I’m Jorge Messi yesterday and the previous day, I spoke. We changed Leo and Text messages, and was attributable to the signing of your contract on Thursday. That is a great disappointment. We work hard to guarantee new transactions, and we should not owe for our non-responsible reasons.
Lorta positioned positional new firms and alternatives Messi: The transfer market is open until August 31.
Laporta: “I do not know PSG’s interest, but he said he had other options.
Laporta: “The club’s favor is him, he wants to pay every day for all what he did for us. Tribise that worse raft I would like to see the type of.
Laporta:” We have lost last season and closed, but it is recommended The forecast of the gains point of view. The salary lid is around 6570% it is recommended that you be The problem is paying our debt. It is the burden we have. We need to hinder the production of higher incomes. Fortunately, the Balsa Club has the potential to do so without having our television rights “.
Laporta:” According to our calculation, new signatures can be recorded. It is not the same as the salary problem. I appreciate the effort they made, and I hope it has no more problems ”
Laporta:” I talked to the captain yesterday. This is an important moment in the history of Balsa. I told them that the players begin a new era in the history of the club, and we had to continue winning without a messippass player. I ordered a total commitment and professional conscience. The captains need to lead the team to this new era. After having several errors, we are now facing historical opportunities.
Laporta: “I’m here with Leo and he announced that he continued a raft. I also like to dream, but now it is not possible now. Salary invoices now represent 95% of their income.

Laporta: “Leo wants to stay, but he is not happy. We all want him to stay. Now he and the rest of us are facing reality. I wish him and his family all the best. Barcelona will always be at home. , He made a contribution to create a club record like everyone else.”
Laporta: “I can’t give you the exact number, but I know that even without Messi’s contract, we have already exceeded the salary cap. La Liga requires us to follow the rules, I think La Liga wants to have Messi. But it is understandable that some clubs have to abide by the rules and they cannot be exceptions. It’s that simple. ”
Laporta:” A few days ago, I concluded that this cannot continue. Yesterday I had one last conversation with Leo’s father. The negotiations of the last two months have been very intense. We reached an agreement, but we were unable to materialize it. We think they can be more flexible, but we have exceeded the salary limit. ”
Laporta:” This is not a blackmail attempt. If we carry out this operation in LaLiga and we involve money, we will exceed the salary limit by 15%, which will not solve the problem. With too much sadness and disappointment, we had to make a decision. What you cannot do in life is to prolong the pain. A decision must be made. We think everything will be resolved by the end of July. ”
Laporta: “I don’t feel guilty at all. In the financial situation of the club, we do everything possible to make sure that Messi stays in Barcelona. We have accepted the contract. As for whose fault it is … I don’t want to repeat the terrible position we inherited. We don’t have six months to fix this problem. The budget is much worse than we thought before. He once said that the negotiations are progressing smoothly because La Liga seems to be able to expand the “fair play” rules, and we have reached an agreement with the players. We are waiting. However, the time has come for you to do something. We cannot continue like this, we must make a decision. ”
Laporta: “That he understands the salary cap of the 4 to 1 rule. To have a salary of 25 million euros, we have to reduce it by 100. This requires the sale of many players.”
Laporta: “We hoped that the post-Messi era could begin two years later, but now we must advance it two years earlier. It is not like that.”
Laporta: “We believe that the contract meets La Liga standards and works well in other countries, but here it has not been accepted.”
Laporta: “I don’t want to have false hopes. That player has other offers, and time is limited, because the League is about to start, he needs time to consider all his options. As I said, we have what we have” I spent more than two months We agreed to a two-year contract, which will be paid in five years. Messi helped make everything as simple as possible. ”
Laporta: “There are many contracts that can be resolved unilaterally, but this also brings risks. Registering for Leo means accepting an arrangement that is not conducive to Barcelona. Leo wants to stay in Barcelona, ​​which is what we want. The character of the player is the key. I want to thank everyone who participated in the negotiations and had to find solutions for the different aspects that affected both parties. The best players in the world have other suggestions. Now is the time to put your emotions aside and look at the numbers coldly. We must respect the rules of La Liga, although we want them to be more flexible. Leo is worthy of everything, he expressed his love for Barcelona and his willingness to stay. I am sad, but I believe we have done our best for Barcelona. ”
Laporta: “The reason why we could not reach an agreement is obvious. It is about the financial situation of the club and such enormous expenses … We are prepared to do this, but we have nothing; nothing on the payroll” We have all passed the deposit. The catastrophic management of the previous meeting means that the limit has been exceeded and we do not have time to replace this situation. ”
Laporta explained that Barcelona is not willing to mortgage the club to comply with La Liga’s financial equity for 50 years. competition.
“We couldn’t get Messi’s first contract, I’ll explain the reason in detail later. In order to stay within the limits of “fair play”, Barcelona must agree to a contract, which basically means collateralizing the club for half a century in order to obtain television rights. I don’t want to mortgage the rights of the club for anyone. Our organization is above everything, including the best players in the world. We will always be grateful to him.”
Laporta explained that Barcelona is facing a situation where they have no advantage under the rules of financial fair play.


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