July 24, Minsk / Corr. BELTA/. Lithuanian farmers are in a panic: inflation is killing farms, writes Baltnews.

According to the head of the Lithuanian Association of Dairy Farms Renata Vilimene, all feed and fertilizers in Lithuania have become very expensive, while the purchase prices for milk have not changed much.
In addition, there is a high probability of crop failure. The head of the Lithuanian Grain Growers Association, Ausris Macijauskas, said that this year the summer is very rainy, so it is difficult to make any forecasts: only in July a two-month norm fell, which does not contribute to the improvement of the harvest.

Due to changes in resource prices, the cost of vegetables may increase by 30%, while the cost of lettuce has already increased by 40%, Deputy Head of the Association of Vegetable Growers Indre Lukoševičienė said.-0-

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