Also Known As         Marilyn Novak, Marilyn Pauline Novak


Birth Place                Chicago, Illinois, USA 


Born                           February 13, 1933



Icy loneliness and earthly eroticism also helped rare concerns to create actress Kim Novak, one of Hollywood’s best box office stars of the early 1950s and early 1960s. Big Scenic also gave him the opportunity to show his amazing and vulnerable pages in films like 1955 and Woman with the Golden Arm 1955 but it’s just that car gave him a lasting scene obj.


In December 2001, guns and ammunition worth $ 200,000 were looted from Noah’s home in the lakes. Three people were arrested and charged with theft and criminal conspiracy.

Alfred said that I found him to be very polite while working. I never thought I would ever know what he really thinks. Because he was the person who could defend it the most. I was more and more curious to know what it was. So it seemed like someone. He was always forgetting who he was and where he belonged. The San Francisco exam was held on October 19, 1996

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