Nicole Hurst: Justin Timberlake mourns death of his longtime backup singer  as she passes away

Justin Timberlake is mourning the death of his bench singer Nicole Hurst.
The 40-year-old singer revealed on Instagram on Friday (Aug. 6 and 21) that his backup singer Nicole (formerly of the Tennessee Children’s Team) passed away.
Justin said that he would “miss [Nicole] very much” and praised her as “a source of happiness and positivity.”
He wrote: “My heart is so heavy. We lost a beautiful soul this week. Nicole lights up every room she enters. Whether on stage or offstage, he is a source of joy and positivity.
“Some things feel so unfair, we can never understand why they happen. What I know is that we are fortunate to laugh with her, travel with her, experience her infectious smile and the love of life full of music. Love. Nicole, it’s not enough to say that I will miss you very much. Thank you for your light. I will do my best to take it with me. I love you, my sister. Forever Family, Forever TN Kid. (Sic) ”
Nicole’s cause of death is unclear.
In 2013, she was diagnosed with stage 2 triple-positive breast cancer at the age of 31, and the cancer was upgraded to stage 3. However, she revealed in 2015 that her cancer was in remission.
At the same time, Justin had previously stated that he wanted to raise his two sons, 6-year-old Silas and 12-year-old Phineas, to “love and respect” everyone.
He wrote on social networks: “Children grow up to be parents. I think a lot these days.
” We try to teach our sons to love and respect everyone, we teach others to be born equal, and No one has to treat it differently because of its skin color.
“We teach you this because one day you will continue to teach the same to your children. This is a cycle.
” Now, we are all working hard to eliminate the generations of discrimination that have plagued our system and community in this country. ..
“Today I remember that the first class started at home. I am grateful that my parents taught me these courses from the beginning. And listen to me when I have something to say but haven’t learned it. (Sic)”

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