Wilmington – Plan accordingly – As a Port City Daily photographer recently discovered, if it rains in Riverside Park, there aren’t many places to escape the downpour. However, on sunny days, urban green spaces will be perfect for picnics and walks. If you like, you can have lunch on stage, sunbathe on the lawn, let the kids ride the swing, or (namaste) do yoga in the outdoor ‘classroom’. On Friday
, the reporter saw Riverside Park at first glance from city park manager Dave Pugh and shared that he was very excited to have an office in the concert hall during the performance of “Big Panic” in late July. this month. benefit. During his tour, Pugh focused on some corners and crevices of the park, which were previously hidden outside the building gate. While most of the excitement revolves around the large stage overlooking the Cape Fear River, there are also outdoor “classrooms” and play areas for families to explore.
“It is indeed the main park in Wilmington,” Pugh said. “In the past, Greenfield Lake was our largest and most visited park. Now we have this beautiful 6andahalfacre park, right by the river and in the city center. Not many cities can boast. In the late afternoon,
city leaders cut the ribbon in Binhe Park.
“When I look at it from the stage or from behind, I get goose bumps,” said Mayor Bill Saffo. “I just came down to show my parents the other night. There are people there. I have jumped over the fence and got in. I like it. It’s great to see the kids and dogs below. It’s amazing.”
cost 38 million US dollars , The 6.6-acre park is officially open to the public, except for some. Due to weather-related delays, the West Garden is still under construction. The park has 24,000 square feet of gardens, 1.8 acres of lawns and 4,900 feet of trails. On Saturday
, the park may or may not enter as the city prepares for the July 4th celebration and finalizes in the morning. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday, we promise to welcome everyone to the grand opening of the city’s family. People can reach the park through the two Riverwalk connections or the entrances of Nutt Street and Cowan Street. Throughout the afternoon there will be free entertainment and a beer garden and children’s activities organized by the Cape Fear Craft Beer Alliance.
Pugh stated that the event was a way of testing the venue before the first concert.
See some of the park’s highlights. Click to zoom and scroll:
park audience can sit on stage without performing. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams)
Live Nation brought in 2,400 seats on the night of the concert. There are on-site and off-site storage. The lawn can generally accommodate 4,800 people. (Port City Daily/Alexander Sands Williams)
The stage is equipped with lights. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams)
A two-story building next to the stage includes storage rooms, dressing rooms and offices. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams)
Live Nation is managing venues in this city. You can arrange up to 20 performances per year, and you can apply to the city manager for authorization for additional concerts. (Photo by Port City Daily / Alexandria Sands Williams)
There are several green rooms for artists to relax while visiting the amphitheater. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams) The
dressing room is located on the second floor. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams)
musicians can hang out in this room, get close to the stage, and then head to the preform. (Port City Daily / Alexandria Sands Williams photo) One of the
VIP area is located on the second floor of the building. (Photo by Port City Daily / Alexandria Sands Williams) The
Interactive Water Fountain is equipped with LED lights. This Sunday, July 4, red, white and blue will illuminate the water. (Photo by Port City Daily / Alexandria Sands Williams)
“Outdoor Classroom” offers space for yoga or other activities. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams)
The playground is open during the day. (Photo by Port City Daily / Alexandria Sands Williams) Park
includes a playground for children. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams)
The city’s parks and recreation department has offices on site. (Port City Daily/Alexander Sands Williams)
West Garden is expected to open in mid-July. (Port City Daily/Photo by Alexandria Sands Williams)
Park has an entrance to the residential area on Nut Street. (Port City Daily Photo / Alexandria Sands Williams)
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