Before the passions associated with the victory of Elena Rybakina at Wimbledon had subsided, a new scandal erupted in Russian tennis.

The first racket of Russia Daria Kasatkina and Olympic champion Andrei Rublev allowed the change of citizenship in order to continue their careers.

At the same time, Kasatkina made a coming out, talking about her connection with the figure skater Natalya Zabiyako. This coincided with the appearance in the State Duma of a bill banning LGBT propaganda.

Media bombs exploded in Barcelona, ​​where blogger Viktor Kravchenko went for a few days to meet with Russian top athletes.

The result of his conversation with Daria Kasatkina and Andrei Rublev was an hour-long video on YouTube, which is being discussed in Russia for the second day.

The first big news was the coming out of 25-year-old Kasatkina , who is the 12th racket of the world and the best tennis player in Russia today

“Do I have a girlfriend now? Yes. There are so many taboo topics in our country. And there are more important topics that are forbidden, so there is nothing to be surprised at. Here is this phrase: “Do you want to be gay?” Do you want – do not want, became – did not. Well, what is this nonsense! Really there is nothing easier, it seems to me, in the world than to be straight. Given a choice, who would choose to be gay? Make life difficult for yourself. Seriously? Especially in Russia,” Kasatkina said.
At the same time, she noted that she “ feels adrenaline ” when she speaks to the camera about her non-traditional sexual orientation.

A little later, Daria posted a photo on social networks with figure skater Natalya Zabiyako and a purple heart, which many took as a very specific hint of their warm relationship with the 2018 Olympic silver medalist.

Interestingly, on the day the video was released, on July 18, a bill was submitted to the State Duma, which would impose a ban on the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations, which deputies want to equate with pornography, a cult of violence and cruelty, and even incitement to war.

Nevertheless, Kasatkina’s act was supported by colleagues, journalists and simply sympathizers.

“A courageous act, especially in Russia,” director Renata Litvinova wrote on social networks , posting a video with Kasatkina’s confession.
Nadezhda Karpova , a Russian national football player playing in Spain , who came out in June, also supported Daria with rainbow and heart emoticons.

The athlete was also defended by well-known TV presenters Dmitry Guberniev and Vasily Utkin.

“Daria is great! I believe that you can love anyone – only children should not be touched. Let her be happy. Personal life is personal, so that no one sticks their nose into it. I love her as a great tennis player. I don’t care who Elton John lives with, as long as he writes great songs, or Thomas Daly, as long as he jumps into the water great. This is their personal business, as well as the personal business of Daria Kasatkina. As an adherent of a wonderful old-fashioned sexual orientation, I am very happy for her, ”Guberniev admitted in an interview with Match TV.
For his part, Utkin pointed out that the state does not need to climb into the bed of its citizens.

“Just think how many people consider their bed Dasha Kasatkina. After all, he thinks! Because if it didn’t count, then who cares, who is there besides it? No, the state has nothing to do in the bed of its citizens, ”the commentator is sure.
Tina Kandelaki has so far refrained from commenting on this topic. But the ex-host of “Match TV” Sofya Tartakova, who starred in her time for Playboy, and now is the manager of Kasatkina and Rublev, wrote on social networks: “I am proud of my own and Vitya.”

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