Finnish customs confiscated and sold illegally obtained bitcoins in the amount of €46.5 million. Now they want to transfer these funds to support Ukraine. This was reported on July 21 by the Finnish broadcaster Yle .
The customs sold 1889.1 bitcoins, which were previously confiscated as part of an investigation into crimes involving the sale of drugs and doping.

Customs still has about 90 bitcoins left. The department also has other confiscated virtual currencies.

The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wrote in April that Finland could send money from the sale of confiscated bitcoins to Ukraine. We are talking about tens of millions of euros.

After Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine , which began on February 24, Western countries have increased the supply of lethal weapons and other defense products to the Ukrainian military, as well as providing financial assistance for economic recovery.

To support Ukraine, which is resisting Russian aggression, the World Bank has created a trust fund , which can be replenished by different countries. The International Monetary Fund also created a special account for sending money from donor countries to Ukraine , donors can send resources through it to help Ukraine in the form of grants and loans.

In May, the US House of Representatives and Senate supported the allocation of a new $40 billion assistance package to Ukraine, and on May 21 the document was signed by the US President . Only part of the package is intended for direct assistance to Ukraine. In early June, the first billion arrived in Ukraine , and at the end of June , a grant worth $1.3 billion was received .

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said at the end of April that Ukraine needed $7 billion in financial support every month because of the war . On May 20, the president said the monthly budget deficit was $5 billion .

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