Ashley Barty entered the fourth round of Wimbledon after defeating Katerina Signakova.
The No. 1 seed looked a little unexpected, but his performance was enough for Sinakova to defeat Sinjakova 63 75 and advance.
For Batty, this may be a very difficult night. If he did not score 26 winning goals, he would have made 23 unforced errors in the game.
Wimbledon game sequence, on the sixth day Federer, Nori, Gough and Batty play in the order of Wimbledon, on the sixth day Federer, Nori, Gough and Batty play in the game
Wimbledon game In order, on the sixth day Federer, Nori, Gough and Gough are in action
. One day before
, Batty started the game with a loving hug, which seems to resolve the inconsistency he has shown so far in Wimbledon’s service. . However,
Siniakova correctly prevented a situation that could be severely knocked down early to keep the serve, and then the Czech saw that Batty made a series of mistakes in her next serve game.
It was a huge backhand error by Signakova that saved Batty from the break point. The Australian then managed to break Siniakova with some gorgeous shots to advance 42.
Barty saw another love steal in an inconsistent way within 37 minutes of his favorite.
Wimbledon Day 5 Highlights: Murray Out, Djokovic to Wimbledon 5 Day Highlights: Murray Out, Djokovic until
Wimbledon Day 5 Highlights: Murray Out, Djokovic until
but she strengthened the game in the second set, breaking Siniakova to lead with 30 points.
After losing four games in a row, Siniakova broke Batty for the first time in the game, struggling to 32 points.
Federer defeats energetic Nori
Radu Canu can become a superstar, Wieland said
Batty struck back to regain control and get a chance to serve to win the game. But after throwing a round at 3:40 p.m., Batty blew a match point and Siniakova cut through the opponent in the third questioning. 4,444 turnovers plagued Batty’s game again, but the 25-year-old stepped forward and broke Siniakova’s right back.
Raducanu continues the incredible game of Wimbledon
Barty serves the game again, this time it can be used.
Barbora Krejcikova waited for Batty in the fourth round as the world number one tried to reach the first round of 16 at Wimbledon.


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