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After a bloody independent investigation found that the governor of New York had harassed multiple women, President Joe Biden asked Andrew Cuomo to step down.

Biden’s conviction for Cuomo came hours after the state’s Attorney General Letia James said that the governor violated state and federal laws.
In response, Mr. Cuomo denied improper contact with someone and promised to stay in office.
Mr. Cuomo may now be prosecuted and face a separate criminal investigation.
“I think I should resign,” Biden told reporters at the White House on Tuesday. “I understand that the State Assembly may decide to impeach. I don’t know that this is true. I did not read all this data. The
Attorney General’s investigation was commissioned last year after several women filed complaints of sexual misconduct against the governor. The 4,444 investigators spent five months talking to nearly 200 people, including staff, and someone complained against them. Tens of thousands of documents, texts, and photographs were reviewed as part of the investigation.
“The independent investigation concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state laws,” Ms. James said.
She stated that Mr. Cuomo participated in “unnecessary and unauthorized touching and made many offensive remarks.”

Cuomo “circled the state police’s neck with his fingers.”

According to Ms. James, in one case, Mr. Cuomo and his employees retaliated against a former employee who accused him of wrongdoing.
Other women describe being groped, kissed, or sitting on the governor’s lap.
Allegedly, Mr. Cuomo reached out to touch one of the waiters’ breasts from under her shirt, while another waiter said he asked her if she would like to have sex with an older man.

According to investigators, the governor stood behind a state trooper in the elevator, stroked his neck with his fingers and said “Hello.”
In addition to the harassment allegations, Mr. Cuomo was also charged with harboring a “hostile and toxic work environment.”
Joon Kim, who participated in the survey, said, “In this culture, you can’t say no to the governor. If you upset him or his senior staff, you will be discarded, abandoned or worse.”
in it. In his statement, Mr. Cuomo said: “I want you to know directly from me that I have never inappropriately contacted anyone or made inappropriate sexual provocations.”

“I am 63 years old. I have spent my entire adult life in public view. That’s not me. That’s not what I used to be.”
New York State Senator and Democrat Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillib Rand used the results of the investigation to ask him to resign again.
“Today the New York State Attorney General’s report confirmed and confirmed the allegations that brave women came out to share their stories, and we congratulate them for doing so,” they said. Investigation
is a civil investigation, not a criminal investigation, and will not lead directly to charges.
But the police can use this report to decide to take further action, and it can also play a key role in the separate impeachment inquiry you face and the criminal investigation in Albany, the state capital.

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