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Andre Iguodala found a new home after reaching a deal with the Golden State Warriors.
Iguodala told Jonathan Abrams of the New York Times that he intends to sign a one-year contract with the Warriors, which will end his career with the team:
“Who would have thought he would have the opportunity to return to that place Can I be there, no matter what they call it, the years of legacy in terms of achievements, winning multiple championships, the relationship that I can build with my closest friends and colleagues? Relationship with the fans, The relationship with the Gulf, there is the chance to finish here, just a few special things. ”


Shams Charania of Stadium and The Athletic advises that this contract is a minimum requirement for veterans.
Iguodala became an unrestricted free agent after the Miami Heat rejected his $ 15 million 202122 season contract option. After being acquired in February 2020 with the Memphis Grizzlies, he has spent the last two seasons in Miami.
In 63 games last season, the forward averaged 4.4 points and 2.3 assists per game, his career low, with a 38.3 field goal percentage.
As a 17-year NBA veteran, Iguodala has adjusted his playing many times. During the Philadelphia 76ers, he used to be a scoring forward. In the six seasons from 2006 to 2012, he averaged 17.0 points per game and shot 45.4% from the field.
In the latter part of his career, his core value is reflected in the defensive end. From 2013 to 2019, during his time with the Golden State Warriors, he was a key player on the court. The Arizona student was named the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, partly because of his efforts for LeBron James.
Given his age, it is best to serve Iguodala in his limited role as a playoff contender. In the past two seasons, he played 84 times for the Heat, averaging 20.9 minutes per game.
The Warriors parted ways with Iguodala after trading Iguodala to the Grizzlies in the 2018-19 season. Prior to this, he played a key role in the team’s progress to the top of the NBA.
He and the Warriors will not be the same player this time, but he plays an essential role in the organization.
Andrew Wiggins will continue to serve as the starting small forward for the Golden State Warriors. Iguodala will serve as their main substitute, while allowing the Warriors to help rookie Jonathan Cuminga develop his NBA skills in his role in the rotation.
The warrior must strike while the iron is hot. Their window of controversy remains open, especially if Klay Thompson returns with all his strength and fights alongside Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.
Iguodala knows how to play with this trio and anyone in the NBA. His return is of great significance to what the Warriors hope to achieve in 2021-22.

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