“Until now, the only clinically practical way to control viral diseases is to vaccinate to stimulate the body to form antibodies against the virus. Another possibility is to rely on the cell’s own first line of defense: interferon. At Merck, the team focuses on the active substance poly I: C. It shows great prospects for the use of the interferon mechanism. After some final tests to rule out the risk of autoimmune diseases, the poly I: C will be prepared for careful testing in humans. Prevent infections caused by viruses, such as the common cold. ”
In 2021, researchers have been using interferon to treat COVID19 in human trials, but the results are still unclear.
The immortality of mankind
“A skilled surgeon has preserved some chick embryonic heart tissue outside the animal’s body by artificial means for more than eight years. It is worth noting that there is no doubt that if it was take proper care of, it will always exist. Combined with the work of other scientists, the meaning becomes clear: there is no obvious “aging” in a single cell. In theory, we are immortal, but in fact we are not. The reason is that If a certain part of the body fails, other parts that depend on it will fail as well, and the whole machine will collapse.But it seems that as long as we can prevent any part of it from collapsing, we will remain young and full of vitality. Perhaps the day when most of us can reasonably expect a hundred years to live is not far off. If a hundred, why not a thousand?
Madame Curie’s Great Honor
Madame Curie set sail for the Olympics on June 25, bringing her precious radio on board. The Bureau of Standards provided a beautiful mahogany shell lined with lead and steel. Although it is not big, but it weighs 130 pounds. In the middle are several small compartments made of lead and surrounded by steel. Each compartment is sized to fit a small glass tube containing a portion of radium salt. The lid is inlaid with a gold plaque with an exquisite inscription: “The President of the United States introduced Mrs. Mary Sklodovska Curie on behalf of American women in recognition of her contributions to science and humanity in this discovery. Ra’s outstanding contribution. White House, May 20, 1921. “”
Calculus is good for you
“All metaphysicians and educators admit that calculus can play more on thinking than any other branch of learning ability. After recognizing this fact, teachers should regard their institution as a mental gymnasium, providing mental training to enable it to achieve its highest mission. This is the value of problem solving in calculus, in fact, it is the value of problem solving in all other branches of pure mathematics, when dealing with abstract ideas, they are ready to actively apply their ideas to deep subjects or complexes related to the reality of life. ”
Backyard Gas Well
” There is a gas well in every room of a mansion in Pennsylvania that can start a fire at any time. There is a wide and complete range in the kitchen. In that house, there is nothing used for heating and lighting except this gas. The well is in the backyard, far enough from the mansion, and is covered by a small house. The borehole is 520 feet deep, lined with iron pipes and equipped with safety valves. ”


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