On Thursday (July 8), a SpaceX spacecraft delayed by a storm said goodbye to the International Space Station (ISS) and embarked on a journey back to Earth. Cargo ship
CRS22 Dragon detached from the space station’s Harmony capsule at 10:40 a.m. Eastern time (1440 GMT), departed to return to Earth, and finally reached the Gulf of Mexico off the west coast of Tallahassee. Florida.
It takes 37 hours for the dragon to return to Earth, and the landing time is scheduled for 11:30 p.m. Friday, July 9. US Eastern Time (July 10, 0330 GMT), NASA officials stated in a live webcast that this may be due to a 48 hour delay in lift-off caused by Tropical Storm Elsa that it strikes the east coast of the United States. Splashdown will not be broadcast live.
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Typically, the Dragon spacecraft will return to Earth within a day or two after being undocked or on the high seas, because some experiments are generally refrigerated. The press release stated that these experiments will be sent back to NASA’s space station processing facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to minimize the effects of gravity on the samples.
However, the agency stated that it will not rush into the splatter process. NASA said in a press release Wednesday: “Certain parameters such as wind speed and wave height must be within a certain range to ensure the safety of the recovery team, science and the spacecraft.
CRS22 Dragon Freighter June 3, 2021 Launched from Florida. The
CRS22 Dragon cargo ship was launched from Florida on June 3, 2021. (Image source: SpaceX)
This ship carries 5,000 pounds. (Approximately 2,265 kg) equipment, experiments, and other things. It was originally scheduled to leave the station on Tuesday (July 6) and Wednesday (July 7), but Elsa’s continued strong winds and dangerous conditions forced the delay. The
cargo ship left the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 3 and docked on June 5, carrying 7,300 pounds. (3,311 kg) Supplies for space station staff. Its cargo includes the new ISS RollOut solar panels manufactured by Boeing. Spacewalkers have been deploying these solar panels this month to increase the power level of the International Space Station. (The older array is still working, but it has exceeded its design life and showed an expected power drop.) Cargo ship
CRS22 Dragon approached the International Space Station on June 5, 2021. Cargo ship
CRS22 Dragon approaches the International Space Station on June 5, 2021. (Image source: NASA)
In the words of NASA, some of the key experiments that Long will return from space include:
Lyophilization2, which “studies how gravity affects lyophilized materials and can lead to improvements in the processes of lyophilization of drugs and other industries.”
Molecular Muscle Experiment2, “It tests a series of drugs to see if they can improve health in space, which may lead to new treatment targets being examined on Earth.”
Oral Biofilm in Space, “studies how it affects gravity common oral cavity The presence of care agents affects the structure, composition and activity of oral bacteria. ”According to Spaceflight Now’s global launch plan, SpaceX’s next cargo ship, Dragon CRS23, is expected to launch from Kennedy Space Center Launch Site 39A on Aug. 18. This flight will be SpaceX’s 23rd mission under a commercial refueling service contract with NASA.

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