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`Mixed-up between Buzz Lightyear and Woody`
The late night host shines on Tuesday’s short space trip with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Stephen Colbert welcomed his audience and said: “I’m glad everyone can join us tonight. This is an important day in history for some people who have too much money.
Colbert pointed out that despite the The incident was heavily reported, but it was not newsworthy.
“That’s how I know it doesn’t matter: I hosted the last one, okay? For Branson, “Colbert said, he was referring to billionaire businessman Richard Branson, who personally traveled to the edge of space last week.” It’s funny, but the talk show host won’t be the host. Historical events, of course, except when Arsenio Hall interviewed the Berlin Wall.
The host couldn’t help but talk about what Bezos was wearing when he returned: a cowboy hat
“I guess space will make you Kenny Chesney.” “ JIMMY FALLON
” When you wear it, you know you’re rich, and everyone who works for you will say, “Oh, it looks great, yeah. You’re a people person, just go into space.” ——JIMMY FALLON
“Looks like a mix of Buzz Lightyear and Woody.” – JIMMY FALLON
“Obtained the spacesuit and cowboy hat by searching the Middle Ages Crisis Pack:` Are there too many soul patches? `” – JIMMY FALLON
“A cowboy hat? So he went into space and somehow got more divorced.” – STEPHEN COLBERT
The Punchiest Punchlines (Jeff’s Rocket Edition)
“Today, millions of people around the world look to upstairs and they say, ‘Wow, that thing looks like a penis. “” – Anthony Anderson, Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host of “”
“I think what they said is true, billionaires and their rockets look like each other in the end.” – STEPHEN COLBERT
“It is the only rocket that shrinks in the cold. “- JIMMY FALLON
” It was designed at the Johnson Space Center. “- TARIQ TROTTER from The Roots, the family band
on the” Tonight Show “” It seems R2D2 took Viagra. “- JIMMY FALLON
” They don’t put it on hangar, they put it in the top drawer of the nightstand. “- TARIQ TROTTER
” Next stop, the ‘O’ zone. “- JIMMY FALLON
” Go into space and it’s not difficult. “- TARIQ TROTTER
A place to see
Jimmy Fallon challenged the Jonas Brothers to” Sing It Like “, Nick Jonas had to perform” Good 4 U “by Olivia Rodrigo as if his tongue were pierced.

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