For much of the country, July is the warmest month of the year, and according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, it`s also the month with the highest electricity consumption.
Households in some states save more on energy than others, according to a recent report by WalletHub, from heating and cooling homes to fueling cars. Energy costs between 5% and 22% of a household`s income in the U.S., according to the report, and some states have a higher price for energy and higher energy usage across the board.
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The Union Street Railroad Bridge spans the Willamette River in Salem, Oregon. This is an old Railroad bridge converted to be used by pedestrians and bicycles. A woman bicyclist can be seen enjoying the path. Near this area is a Boat ramp, 2 bridges for Oregon Route 22, City parks and Down town areas. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. It connects West Salem and Wallace Marine Park with downtown Salem and Riverfront Park.
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The report, which measured monthly energy bills across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, compared 2019 electricity, natural gas, home heating oil and May 2021 motor fuel prices. Monthly energy bills range from as low as around $260 in some states to more than $400 in others. The District of Columbia has the lowest energy cost on average, at $217 per month.
“The main factor which differentiates energy costs from state to state is the cost of generating energy,” Mitchell L. Marks, a professor of business leadership at San Francisco State University, tells WalletHub. “Hawaii has the highest energy costs in the nation because raw materials literally need to be boated in to produce energy.”
Electricity is the most expensive in Hawaii, but individuals in the state averaged the lowest electricity usage per consumer of any state, followed by California and New York. Electricity consumption per individual was highest in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.
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Hawaii, Florida and New Hampshire had some of the highest natural gas prices of any state, but used the least amount of natural gas per individual. In Illinois, Michigan and Utah natural gas utilization per person was the highest.
Motor fuel use per driver was the highest in Wyoming, Mississippi and New Mexico, but it cost the most in California, Hawaii and Nevada. In Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, individuals used the most home heating oil, while it was the most expensive in Maryland, New York and New Jersey.
These states spend the most on energy, according to WalletHub:
1. Connecticut
2. Wyoming
3. Massachusetts
4. Georgia
5. Alabama
6. Maine
7. Alaska
8. Mississippi
9. Indiana
10. New Hampshire
These states spend the least on energy, according to WalletHub:
50. Washington
49. Colorado
48. Oregon
47. Arizona
46. Idaho
45. Illinois
44. Louisiana
43. Iowa
42. Nebraska
41. Wisconsin


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