As the panic at the beginning of the pandemic seems to have cooled, global real estate companies rebounded this year. In Forbes’ annual ranking of the world’s largest and most influential listed companies, more than 80% of the 31 real estate companies in the world’s top 2000 have increased their share prices compared to last year’s list.
Brookfield Asset Management ranked first for the fourth consecutive year. The Canadian company manages $600 billion in assets, including more than 400 million square feet of office, hotel, residential and commercial space, and also invests in renewable energy and infrastructure.
Last year, Brookfield made headlines by promising to invest $5 billion in troubled retail companies. It is unclear how much money it has paid so far, but in December, the company partnered with Simon Real Estate Group to help JCPenny, the main tenant of many shopping malls, escape Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. “This is exactly its type. Brookfield CEO Brian Kingston (Brian Kingston) said in a statement: “Our retail revitalization program is designed for investment. “We are very happy to be able to help lead the change.
Global 2000 is composed of four equally weighted criteria: income, income, assets and market value. This year, 31 companies that make money mainly on real estate are on the list, excluding companies like Blackstone, which owns global real estate. The investment portfolio was worth nearly $400 billion in the end, but it also invested in other types of assets. (Forbes also omitted construction companies in this article, focusing instead on companies operating in the more traditional real estate sector.) Temporarily save more property . The market value of public storage has increased by 44% compared to last year, while the market value of additional space storage has increased by 67%. “This is obviously a historically extreme year,” Public Storage CEO Joseph Russell said on an earnings call in February. “We have seen it in almost every market.
Kimco Realty Corporation, which focuses on outdoor shopping malls, is the last real estate company to make the list. The company made headlines when it announced in February that it planned to merge with another heavyweight shopping center, Weingarten. It is expected that when the transaction is completed later this year, the combined company’s market value will reach approximately US$20 billion.
The following are the 31 real estate companies that have entered this year’s global top 2000 list:
1) Brookfield Asset Management | Canada
Sales: 63.400 billion US dollars
17586 million US dollars
Assets: 343.696 billion US dollars
Market value : 69.673 billion US dollars
2) American Tower Corporation | US
Sales: 69.673 billion US dollars
Profit: 69.674 billion US dollars
Assets: 47.234 billion US dollars
Market value: 110.578 billion US dollars
3) Prologis | United States
Sales: 4.439 billion US dollars
Profit: 1.482 billion US dollars
Assets: 56.65 billion US dollars
Market value: 84.233 billion US dollars
4) Crown Castle International | United States
Sales: 5.84 billion US dollars
Profit: 1.056 billion US dollars
Assets: 38.768 billion US dollars
Market value: 77.629 billion US dollars US$
5) Simon Property Group | US
Sales: 4.60​​​​8 billion US$
Profit: 1.228 billion US$
Assets: 34.787 billion US$
Market value: 38.438 billion US$
Profit: US$ 797 million US$
Assets: US$ 16.311 billion US$
Market value: US$ 29.441 billion US$
7) Equinix | US
Sales: US$ 5.976 billion US$
Profit: US$ 36978 million
Assets: US$ 27.006 billion
Market value: 63.431 billion US dollars USD
8) Equity Residential | US
Sales: 2.539 billion USD
Profit: 879.4 million USD
Assets: 20.287 billion USD
Market value: 27.063 billion USD
9) Public Storage|United States
Sales: 2.905 billion USD
Profit: 1.354 billion US dollars
Assets: 11.817 billion US dollars
Market value: 46.634 billion US dollars
10) Alexandria Real Estate Equities | United States
Sales: 1.876 billion US dollars
Profit: 75869 million US dollars
Assets: 22.828 billion US dollars
Market value: 24.010 billion US dollars
11) AvalonBay Community|United States
Sales: 2.297 billion US dollars
Profit: 82567 million US dollars USD
Assets: 19.199 billion USD
Market value: 26.498 billion USD
12) Digital Realty Trust | United States
Sales: 3.907 billion USD
Profit: 356.4 million USD
Assets: 36.076 billion USD
Market value: 41,032 billion USD
13) Boston Real Estate|United States
Sales: 2.767 billion US$
Profit: 87683 million US$
Assets: 22.858 billion US$
Market value: 18.150 billion US$
Sales: 553.59 million US$
Profit: 1,829.79 US$
Assets: 17,314.47 USD
Market value: 16,226.20 USD
15) VICI Properties | US
Sales: 1,226 billion USD
Profit: 89167 million USD
Assets: 17,640 billion USD
Market value: 16,678 billion USD
16) Sales|U.S.
Sales: 37,950 USD
Profit: USD 43915 million USD
Assets: USD 23,929 billion USD
Market value: USD 20,782 billion USD
17) Welltower | United States
Sales: USD 4,599 million USD
Profit: USD 10961 million USD
Assets: USD 32.484 billion
Market value: 31.592 billion USD USD
18) Realty Income Corporation | United States
Sales: 1,661 billion USD
Profit: 39549 million USD
Assets: 20,740 billion USD
Market value: 25,320 billion USD
19) Annaly Capital Management | United States
Sales: 1.484 billion USD444 4 Profit: US$89116 million,
Assets: US$88,455 million,
Market value: US$12,391 million,
20) Essex Property Trust | US
Sales: US$1.511 billion,
Profit: US$56887 million,
Assets: US$12,936 million,
Market value: 18.815 billion US dollars USD
21) Link Real Estate Investment Trust | Hong Kong
Sales: 138.6 billion USD
Profit: 3,596 billion USD
Assets: 2,6218.0 billion USD
Market value: 20149.0 billion USD
22) LE Lundbergfoeretagen AB | Sweden
Sales: 1.975 billion USD USD
Profit: USD 39011.3 million USD
Assets: USD 21.919 billion Market value: USD 14.466 billion USD
23) Healthpeak Properties | United States
Sales: USD 220.30 billion USD
Profit: USD 419.6 million USD
Assets: USD 15920 billion USD
Market value: 17918 billion USD US$
24) Starwood Real Estate Trust|US
Sales: 1,136 billion US$
Profit: 325.81 million US$
Assets: 80,874 billion US$
Market value: 7.29 billion US dollars

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