Saskatchewan-based renewable fuel innovator Covenant Energy Ltd. is pleased to announce key appointments as a part of its planned renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel facility. These exciting developments build upon positive conversations with all levels of government, especially at the federal level on its strengthened climate plan and programming.
Covenant Energy appreciates its engagement with the Minister of Natural Resources, his office, and department officials regarding the design of the soon to be launched Clean Fuels Fund. Haldor Topsoe has been chosen by Covenant Energy as the facility’s technology provider and Gas Liquids Engineering has joined as the engineering firm that will oversee project management.
Haldor Topsoe brings world-leading, industry-proven technology that will help Covenant Energy meet its projected renewable fuel demand. Gas Liquids Engineering adds both regional and global expertise in fuel and gas engineering to the facility’s planning and construction stages. In addition, Covenant Energy is happy to announce the appointments of Keenan Hohol as general counsel, Everett Rueve as senior advisor, engineering and operations, Mike Corr as senior advisor, commercial operations, and Mark Roe as senior advisor, feedstock and supply.
Covenant Energy welcomes these important appointments that add deep knowledge and experience across its executive leadership team as it moves forward with its project. Covenant will continue to add key personnel to its roster to ensure a successful project. To complement the industry, technology and executive team, Turner International Group Ltd has been selected as corporate finance advisor and will guide Covenant Energy in its project financing. Covenant Energy values Turner International’s understanding of financial solutions for a post-pandemic, green economy.
TIG, based in Vancouver, BC but with global reach, has experience in structuring and advising on a range of alternative energy and sustainable project financings. “We are very pleased that Covenant Energy has selected Topsoe’s HydroFlex and H2Bridge technologies for this state of the art, standalone renewable diesel facility. These market-leading technologies are complementary to each other and will provide Covenant with one of the lowest carbon intensity fuels in the world,” said Tim Reiter, senior principal engineer, Haldor Topsoe Canada Limited.
“We are honoured to be chosen by this innovative western Canadian sustainable enterprise. Working with a superb management and project team, we look forward to bringing our expertise and relationships to execute an appropriate financial structure,” said Keith Turner, president and CEO of TIG. “Gas Liquids Engineering (GLE) is pleased to provide engineering services on Covenant’s HDRD refinery project.
This facility will play an important role in supporting Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations, and net zero targets,” said Stuart MacKenzie, vice president business development, gas liquids engineering. “Covenant Energy is proud to welcome Haldor Topsoe, Gas Liquids Engineering, Turner International Group, and an experienced executive and financial team that brings a high level of expertise to our planned renewable diesel facility.
These appointments mark an important milestone in advancing Canada’s first standalone renewable diesel refinery. As a renewable fuels stakeholder, we want to thank the Minister O’Regan for receiving our input on the Clean Fuels Fund and look forward to providing his office with further details of the project as it develops,” said Josh Gustafson, president and CEO, Covenant Energy Ltd.

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