Due to strict social distancing requirements, Ho Chi Minh City decided to send mobile devices to people’s homes to collect samples for Covid19 testing, rather than at designated locations.
Since the 16th Directive will be implemented for 15 days from Friday, people cannot go out except to buy food or medicine or seek medical treatment. Therefore, the city will continue to conduct large-scale testing and send personnel to people’s homes. Phan Van Mai, the city’s deputy Said at a meeting on Friday.
“The goal of large-scale testing of Covid19 in the next 15 days is basically to find all infected people and isolate them from the community.”
One person per household is tested.
City Vice President Ngo Minh Chau called on every district and community to give priority to closed residential areas and residential areas deemed high-risk.
In other areas, anyone who has symptoms of new coronary pneumonia such as fever and cough can report to the local health department. Within an hour, a mobile team will come to collect samples for analysis to avoid overcrowding in the hospital.
The city government has instructed all districts to “highly concentrate” in order to control the epidemic through social distancing tasks.
Mai said: “There are not many opportunities left for us. We have agreed to sacrifice our own interests, so we must do our best to ensure that this sacrifice is worthwhile and that we are determined to win this battle.” A large-scale testing campaign began on the 26th, and the current goal is to collect 1.3 million samples per day.
So far, you have organized tests in public places, even in closed areas, and gathered a large number of people.
In the continuous wave that broke out in late April, the city has infected more than 10,800 people.

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