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Málaga, September 23 (EFE).- Catalan chef Joan Roca, from the restaurant ‘El Celler de Can Roca’, with three Michelin stars, claims in an interview with Efe that haute cuisine needs to be valued. He assures that “there is a big difference between what costs money and what is expensive”.

Roca has thus pronounced on the prices of the menus of the most successful restaurants after que Dabiz Muñoz, from DiverXO, considered the best chef in the world At “The Best Chef Awards” for the second year in a row, he said that spending 365 euros on a meal is not for the rich.

Roca, who placed third in that category and who met with chef José Carlos García in Malaga, was “very happy” to see a Spanish chef at the top of the best chefs list. Muñoz described him as “unlovable”, but “with great sensitivity and an angel for the kitchen”.

Haute cuisine must face the storm clouds “with optimism.”

Despite “storm clouds coming from eastern Europe”, Joan Roca thinks Spanish cuisine must face the future “with optimism” and overcome the effects of inflation, citing the war in Ukraine and its economic consequences.

In this sense, he assures that haute cuisine is experiencing an increase in costs, but he believes that these establishments must accept this increase in prices and not try to compensate for it.

Catalan chef Joan Roca, from the restaurant ‘El Cellar de Can Roca’ (Girona) during the interview. EFE/Alvaro Cabrera

The student shares his teacher’s illusion

José Carlos García, who was Roca’s student 20 years ago, explained to Efe that Spain’s haute cuisine “maintains the same enthusiasm as before” amid the pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict. He acknowledged that there was a shortage of waiters and cooks but assured that the new batch of chefs had arrived “with more information and a lot more desire”.

Garcia believes that Spanish haute cuisine is “continually sowing”, so he envisions a “beautiful panorama” of chefs who “bring great energy” and who “start to have healthy competition”.

Catalan chef Joan Roca (D), from restaurant ‘El Cellar de Can Roca’ (Girona) and Malaga chef José Carlos García. EFE / Alvaro Cabrera

According to the Catalan chef, “despite everything and against the odds”, Spanish haute cuisine is “in a great moment” and “inspires many other kitchens in the world”, adding that there are still a large number of diners.

‘El Cellar de Can Roca’, like many other restaurants, experienced “very difficult” moments of uncertainty during the first months of the pandemic. In fact, Rocca recalls, it was once thought that haute cuisine establishments would not be important in the post-Covid era, although that ultimately did not happen.

Joan Roca and the future

According to the chef, society has realized that haute cuisine restaurants are important to “feed not just the body but the soul.” Remember how the locals reserved all the tables for March 2021 within just 5 minutes of the reservation opening in April 2020 to support ‘El Cellar de Can Roca’.

Rocca, 58, sees himself in the oven of his restaurant, with his brothers Josep and Jordi, for at least another ten years, since he believes that “it is important to establish a commitment to time and to remain committed to inconsistency and creativity”.

Garcia, grateful to meet his friend and former teacher Joanne -with whom he prepared a tasting menu for the tenth anniversary of his restaurant this Thursday-, said that his goal in the coming years is “not to lose the illusion or to want to delight the diners”.

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