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ROME (EFE).- Far more than her fascist past, what worries pro-Europeans of Italian election favorite, far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, is her relationship with the European Union (EU), despite her Eurosceptic campaign during the election. Speech was moderate.

Meloni’s sharp criticism of the EU -which he accuses of being centered on the populist-socialist axis-, as well as his opposition to the government of Europeanist Mario Draghi and his economic recipes, and even recently a request to review the recovery plan for management. Extraordinary European funds, causing concern in Europe.

And the last vote in Europe, with his far-right partner Matteo Salvini, against the resolution that said Hungary was not a democracy, again raised alarm.

However, and while these gestures are cause for concern, many analysts agree that Meloni does not want to be pigeonholed into a “Eurosceptic sovereignty” scheme, but instead seeks to exemplify an Italian-style “conservative party”, as he is in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Refusal, shown with approval of arms shipments to Ukraine and declared Atlanticism.

Not to mention his opposition to the diversion of government spending to financial support against rising energy prices, which is so well seen in Europe.

Giorgia Meloni is campaigning in the Italian elections
Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni during the Italian election campaign. EFE/EPA/GIUSEPPE LAMI

“Italy always walks on a knife’s edge, one step away from a debt crisis. Until now it has been avoided due to the support of the European institutions, so the main challenge will be to maintain a relationship of trust with Brussels, France and Germany as well as with the ECB,” Damiano Palano, professor of philosophy, explained to EFE. Politician and Political Science Department of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. director

Palano added that the first commitment of the next government – regardless of who it forms – will be to obtain the support of the European institutions, and for this “it will be almost inevitable to abandon the suspicious attitude towards Brussels and its main partners”.

Meloni is anxious in Europe

But beyond the transformation of the leader of the Brothers in Italy, “the EU institutions and most of its members view with concern the assumption of a government led by Meloni”, according to the expert, who described what is behind this change of mask. .

“He strongly criticized the basis of the Maastricht Treaty, for some time he raised the hypothesis of the dissolution of the Eurozone and the return to the national currency, he expressed his closeness to the government of Viktor Orbán, especially what refers to defense. tradition and national identity, and during the pandemic he was close to anti-vaccine circles, or at least supported some of their demands.”

According to Palano, “no one in Europe (but not in Italy) knows whether Giorgia Meloni as prime minister is more responsible, pro-European, Atlanticist of recent months, or anti-system, Euro-critical and sovereigntist of the previous ten years.”

Georgia Meloni and her Eurosceptic tendencies

For Francesco Saraceno, professor of European macroeconomics at Sciences Po in Paris and Louis University in Rome, “Italy will have a government with very strong Eurosceptic elements and the challenge will be to be a credible partner in Europe and not be considered an ally. Orban, but as a country that the EU needs. Can be relied upon for reformation.

Saraceno agreed that “Meloni is moving in this direction” and the proof is that “he did not criticize Draghi throughout the election campaign”.

Meloni, Berlusconi and Salvini in the Italian election campaign
Salvini, Berlusconi and Meloni greet from iad at the closing rally of the Italian election campaign. EFE/EPA/GIUSEPPE LAMI

For this professor, it is important to see “who will be the Minister of Economy in the next government” and the appeal of Giulio Tremonti, already head of finance in Silvio Berlusconi’s governments, to the Brothers of Italy. A sign.

“Europe does not fear a conservative government or a party with a fascist past, it fears a Eurosceptic government, and among the ranks of the right there are activists who continue to contemplate leaving the euro,” said the expert.

Meloni’s transformation is “stunning” because “from being the most extreme party in the coalition, it has positioned itself as a guarantor, sending the message: don’t worry about the League being in government because we will control it,” he concluded.

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