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Gijón, September 23 (EFE).- The new symphonic tour that the singer-songwriter of Mires organizes for his 75th anniversary “Tierrina” shares the leading role with Victor Manuel and it brings him this Friday to the Teatro de la Laboral, In Gijón, the first of three consecutive concerts given in the principality, a dedicated audience and tickets for all of them have been sold out for months.

The first of three performances of the “Victor Manuel Sinfonico”, which the artist offers in his region, which will be followed by another on Saturday morning and Sunday’s finale, begins with the mythical “Asturias”, which according to many is the unofficial music of an autonomous community, followed by the song Which refers to the shepherds, gourds, coals, La Santina or Gizón, Laviana or their city, Mieres, as the essence of their land.

Together with the Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias (OSPA) and the Choir of the Princesses of the Asturias Foundation, Mierens has delighted adoring audiences with his classic songs, including “I bring the red shirt”, “El Dada Vitor” or “Dance of the Cuelebre”.

The Asturian singer-songwriter, who, according to what he assured this week, has no plans to retire from the stage, revives the recital “Vivir para et sing” and six other songs he composed in the following years during his tour. .

As with “Living to Tell the Tale”, a live album will be recorded at tomorrow’s Saturday session, which the author believes will be “a once and for all release”.

The decision to do a concert like in 1999 was made when Victor Manuel’s sound engineer praised the quality of the recording despite the few rehearsals and means.

“I think I sing better now than I did 30 years ago, experience has given me some things, although it’s true, age has taken others away from me,” the Myers singer-songwriter assured this week.

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