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Vitoria (EFE).- Lehendakari, Inigo Urcullu, has announced a 400 million euro measure to help citizens and companies deal with the energy crisis in the coming months, which is a priority. Statute of Guernica.

This activity is about the plenary session of the General Policy today Basque Parliament It served to test the disposition of opposition parties to reach an agreement to tackle inflation and rising energy prices.

Faced with uncertainty due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a pre-election environment eight months before municipal and regional elections in May, Urkullu proposed that the opposition lend a hand and reach major country agreements in five areas: the 2023 budget, primary care, educational agreements, demographics. Challenge and reinforce strengths.

Urkullu announced 400 million to tackle the energy crisis

400 million aid

To combat the black situation of the global crisis, it announced a program of measures of 400 million that will meet the basic needs of vulnerable groups, compensate citizens for loss of purchasing power and provide loans to viable companies. A complicated situation.

It announced new deflation in personal income tax after the recently approved 4%, 10% increase in social emergency assistance (AES), subsidies to cover gas in social housing and food sector so that price increases are not affected. So many citizens

He explained that the program will be financed by its own budgetary resources, with European funds and also extraordinary funds for tax surcharges on energy companies.

Urkullu announced 400 million to tackle the energy crisis

After emerging from the pandemic, Lehendakari confirmed that the Osakidetza workforce would be expanded so that temporary employment would go from 40% to 7% and primary care would be strengthened with 358 posts for family doctors and health workers.

These objectives are in line with other historical aspirations of nationalism. Urkullu did not mention the desire for a new law and only demanded completion of the current one.

To do so, it calls for the creation of a permanent commission between the central and Basque governments to ensure compliance. PNV spokesperson Joseba Egiba was blunt on the matter: the statute must be complied with “for a period of time”, she said.

The main opposition parties, for their part, have left the door open to reaching a country deal, but with nuance.

Bildu: The Welfare Agreement

EH Bildu’s spokesman, Maddalen Iriarte, called for a “welfare deal” that includes a tax reform that bears the brunt of the burden to achieve stronger public services, a “fairer” pricing system for energy and improved access. . home.

This makes it ugly that Urkullu does not bet on a new status even though he promised to hold a consultation on the matter in 2015 and insists that many proposals to form Abertzel on energy, housing, public services or taxes require sovereignty. “Did you throw in the towel?” he asked.

We Can: Defense of the People

The spokesman of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, Miren Gorrotxategi, was in favor of reaching an agreement to negotiate with large food distributors for public protection, affordable prices for the consumer and the creation of a public energy company.

The leader of the Purple Formation has put the most basic needs of Basque citizens before self-government, which he believes should serve precisely to protect the people.

Urkullu announced 400 million to tackle the energy crisis

PP: Tax reduction

from People’s Party, Carlos Iturguiz extended his hand to seal a deal for next year’s budget, cut taxes, reduce the number of high-ranking posts in the Basque government and strengthen the health system and improve education.

He recalled that the populists had always defended the “full and consistent development” of the Guernica Statute and linked the inconsistencies regarding pending transfers to the PNV’s interpretation of the statute as “not the only possible” or “valid”. .

The only Vox parliamentarian, Amaia Martínez, accused Urqullú of living in a “parallel reality”, lacking empathy for the real problems of the Basques, offering “placebos” in the face of the current situation and being like doctors. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde “from some days it demands compliance with the statutes and treaties of the country and other Basque homelands”.

PNV and PSE invite to agree

The Basque executive, the partners of the PNV and the PSE, which rules with a comfortable majority, has nevertheless invited the opposition to join the deal to find the best way out of the crisis.

Socialist leader Eneco Andueza’s only criticism is his reminder that the Pedro Sánchez government has told him in recent days that this is an opportune moment to design a new phase of the pending transfer negotiations and therefore he does not see the need. For “Permanent Complaints”. Otherwise, he said his party was “reasonably satisfied” with the coalition government.

In response, Lehendkari appreciated the “good health” of the coalition government which was providing “institutional stability to the country”. EFE

Written by Elena Puerta

Edited by Julian Black

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