Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Pamplona (EFE).- The debate on the state of the city, held at the Pamplona City Hall, faced two views of Pamplona, ​​a city “very well positioned” to deal with the crisis thanks to the resources and financial resources, according to the opposition, under the management of Na+, and a city that ” Scams” ​​and “opacity” are managed through.

Mayor Enrique Maya defended during the debate that Pamplona is “ready” to face the challenges of the future and also assured that in 2023, despite the “hack” PSN, EH Bildu and the “submission” of EH Bildu have suppressed the main characters. Buy Geroa to the government, will not raise taxes and may reduce prices in the blue zone.

After calling the PSN to the agreement “for relevant issues”, Maya reviewed everything that has been done since the last general debate and indicated the emerging projects for Media Luna, La Milagrosa, Camino de Santiago, the expansion of bike lanes. , new parking lots, celebration of the 600th anniversary of the privilege of the Union, rehabilitation of housing for social purposes, the first cultural diversity plan, new supervised apartments for the elderly, the garden of Santo Domingo or the base of Cordovila -Gallery plan for 4,000 homes.

For the EH Bildu spokesperson, however, Mayer’s balance is “a management based on shenanigans, fudges and lies”, adding that it is “the most unrecognized mayor of the most questionable government party”, and underlining that it is “the only thing he can get on the chest”. What can be done are projects of previous legislatures.”

Mayor of Pamplona in the plenary session of the city debate. Villar Lopez

Very critical opposition to the management of municipal teams

According to Joseba Asiron, Maya has a “scam and cortege” style of governance, to which she adds “poor democratic spirit”, “illegal things” such as the reorganization of Sorset, “obscene” spending on “identity obsession”. About 200,000 euros on a flag and “false” at the cost of the labrit catwalk, which has now increased from 100,000 euros to 180,000.

Socialist Maite Esporrín criticized NA+’s “lies, abuse and waste” and “unilateral and unilateral actions in the electoral key”, “bad form”, “as a judge and party” as well as “opacity”. “In various files, “even forcing judicialization”, which he lamented as “a selfish and irresponsible right” that “does not accept criticism or control of the opposition” and that “does not assume democratic defeat, does not hesitate to question. Institutions where they don’t send.”

And he condemned the “prejudicial use” of common symbols and public goods and verbal “threats”, by burrofax or legal writing “to try to silence us”, because “what was agreed with you, is only what is convenient for you. Completed” since in other areas it chooses to “suppress”, such as the Labrit footbridge, the urbanization of the Paseo de Sarace or the flag of Navarre, an expenditure that is “outrageous” in times of crisis.

Finally, Geroa Bai’s spokesperson, Patoxi Liuza, scolded the mayor of Pamplona for his “inability to manage”, his “opacity” and his “xenophobic” attitude, and demanded “transparent management” for the city.

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