Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Valencia, September 23 (EFE).- The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, assured this Friday that “rather soon” Spain “is going to bend the inflation curve”, as it did the coronavirus, and defended that the “great uncertainty” arising from the war in Ukraine “. with the awareness of being on the right side of history” encountered.

Sánchez noted during his speech at the tenth anniversary of in Valencia that, when peace returns to Ukraine and Europe, Spain will know how to prepare and take advantage of this time and be more competitive to promote labor. “Status”, of regions, students or scientific staff

He claimed that those who “have always defended and continue to defend that in Spain and all its regions you can compete only by reducing wages, reducing rights, giving tax gifts to the rich minority”, in a few years you will see that “the welfare of the share There is no stronger resource than that.”

“There is no greater progress than achieving justice and dignity without high growth rates,” said Sánchez, who opposed the “geometrically different” response to the crisis ten years ago, which paid mostly for social spending. For the benefit of the minority, and being given to the present.

Facing a backlash based on “neoliberal orthodoxy”, he indicated that the paradigm of social democracy, focused on strengthening the welfare state, has allowed Spain to have more workers today than before the pandemic.

The president assured that at the start of the confinement of the pandemic he was “fighting” to create a “strong and supportive” response to the crisis in Europe and showed that policies for social protection are being developed. the majority

Sánchez emphasized that, where before there were bank rescues, now European governments are considering an extraordinary tax on large corporations, financial institutions or large energy companies, in order to redistribute efforts and those who contribute the most. More for welfare state funding.

He asserted that where VAT had been increased indiscriminately, there was now “fair distribution of the burden” so that the middle and working class were not sacrificed again and where there was “a lack of cohesion and a north-south divide”. A joint response with the delivery of the Covid vaccine today.

“Where there was amnesty and tax giveaways for the rich, there will be tax reform that guarantees that those who contribute more to the public finances for a stronger welfare state,” Sánchez stressed.

The president pointed out that the policies to get out of the crisis in the past left a triple fracture: “brutal cuts” in social services, bank rescues and tax amnesties for major frauds and “unbearable corruption”, as he says, in the Valencian community.

Finally, he emphasized that the progressive coalition government does not postpone social victories, does not allow territorial disputes to escalate, does not allow dialogue instead of imposition and does not look for excuses to postpone homework.

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