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Cristina Cabrezas

Rome, (EFE). – Far-right Giorgia Meloni, the heavy favorite to preside over Italy’s first female government after the September 25 election, assured in an interview with EFE that she is “ready to govern” and that “no one in Italy” believes that her victory is for democracy. Danger, as his opponents say. In a break from his intense election campaign in which he toured the whole country, Meloni also assured the European Union: “We are not against Europe at all, but for a more efficient Europe”.

“Made in Italy”

Ask: Italy is going through a period of great challenge. What will they do first if they win the election?
Feedback: The top priority is to support families and businesses in these dire times of rising prices and energy. In Italy, many companies have reduced or stopped production and are likely to close unless the government intervenes with drastic measures. Many families are at risk of not being able to pay their bills. European gas prices peak and decoupling of gas and electricity is urgently needed. Further action can also be taken immediately at the national level. Second, we want to restart the economy by reducing taxes on work, simplifying the bureaucracy, building strategic infrastructure, relaunching an industrial policy based on the praise of “Made in Italy”. Additionally, we want to restore security and stop uncontrolled immigration, which with the left in government has brought incredible numbers of illegal arrivals to our shores.

Question: Why will Italians vote for Italy’s brothers?
And: On September 25, Italians have a great chance to end the long tenure of the left, who have been in government almost continuously without winning an election. The vote of the Brothers of Italy, however, will not be a vote of protest, but a vote of powerful change. Italians know they can trust us because we are consistent. We have been in the opposition for a long time, but we have never stopped making our proposals or supporting the beneficial measures of various governments. Those who choose us know what they are choosing, they may like it or not, but it should come as no surprise.

Question: Are they ready to rule?
And: Brothers of Italy is a group of Italian conservatives, we believe in the freedom of the individual and the centrality of the family, Italian, European and Western cultural identity, individual initiative and social solidarity. We have a qualified and prepared leadership class. Today we feel ready to rule, if the Italians want.

Danger to democracy

p: What do you think of those who say that in your victory and the center-right, democracy is under threat?
And: This is paradoxical. For years in Italy we have had governments led by unelected prime ministers, often with majorities other than emerging from elections. In the pandemic we have seen unprecedented restrictions on freedom. However, the danger to democracy is being talked about now, as Italians will eventually vote and possibly give a large majority to the center-right, led by the Brothers of Italy. No one in Italy believes it, not even the left, who use it as a weapon of despair.
We are a strong democracy and those who fear Italy’s future are doing Italy a disservice, not Giorgia Meloni. The truth is that the only thing in danger is the power system of the left, which in Italy always rules without winning elections. In short, we will be a right-wing government, we already run 15 regions and hundreds of municipalities… What are we talking about?

A more effective Europe

p: He is strongly critical of Europe and has an anti-European wing in his party. What do you say to those in Europe who are afraid of the arrival of the brothers in government from Italy?
And: My party does not have an anti-European wing, we only have one line, which is European conservatives. Earlier pandemics and wars have now shown us what hasn’t worked in building the EU in recent decades. Over the years, Brussels has extended its power into many areas of our daily lives, forgetting about a common foreign and defense policy, about ensuring our energy autonomy.
I want a Europe that is less centralized and more supportive, with less bureaucracy and more politics that does less and does them better. We are not against Europe at all, but for a more efficient Europe, one that knows how to be a real added value for its citizens. And for Italy, I want to restore the role it deserves in the international context and better defend its national interests in the EU institutions, as the Germans and French do so well, without stigmatizing anyone.

The president of the far-right Brothers of the Constitution of Italy speaks at a meeting of the party's national directorate at the group hall of the Chamber of Deputies on July 28 in Rome, Italy.  EFE/EPA/Fabio Cimaglia
The president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, gave a speech in front of the party’s national headquarters last July. EFE/EPA/Fabio Cimaglia

Maternity support

Question: Do you think feminist?
And: Italian feminism is historically located on the left, with an open debate: on the ethical and political questions of gender, as well as on the possibility of a non-leftist woman prime minister in Italian history. Because of this, now the left attacks me saying that I am a woman, but I think as a man. They’re actually going crazy because, after decades of rhetorical declarations, women on the left can’t find a place, women on the right can.

p: Are Brothers in Italy planning to change abortion rights?
And: I am specific and my interests are promoting family-work reconciliation policies, closing the gender pay gap and supporting motherhood. Regarding abortion, our intention is to fully implement the first part of the current Act 194, that is, to provide prevention policies to offer an alternative to women who are considering abortion for economic reasons. These women need to find a friendly state on their side: more opportunities and not less rights.

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