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Córdoba, (EFE).- The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlasca, denied this Friday that there had been a “breakdown” of the unit that fights drug traffickers. (Ocon South) in Campo de Gibraltar and assured that it was a “reconstruction”.

Speaking to journalists, after distributing decorations in Córdoba for the patron saint of the Penitentiary Institution in commemoration of the La Merced festival, the minister reiterated that “nothing has been dismantled” and that the 150 soldiers who formed an “extraordinary” unit and temporary”, now it” moved and configured as something already structured”.

Authorities of Campo de Gibraltar

He added that “narcos” must be tackled “permanently” and “this is the government’s commitment with Campo de Gibraltar”, While he recalled that “the first thing this government agreed to in July 2018” was to return the “principle of authority” to the region and neighboring regions which “has already been called into question.”

Therefore, according to Grande-Marlasca, the “reorganization” of the unit against drug trafficking is a “further step” to “guarantee a structure of personnel and material resources” that allows it to be “more effective in the fight against drug trafficking.” “”.

Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlasca, decorated with the patron saint of the Penitentiary Institution at the La Merced festival. in Cordoba. EFE/room

Also, he acknowledged the “success” in the last four years in “dealing with organized and dangerous crime” that calls into question many democratic values, and therefore, agents will now “be in jurisdictional police units of different commands” and that it is “regional for analysis and intelligence.” Centre”, he explained.

“We will continue to increase the number of troops”, assured the minister, who notedA public employment offer This year “with more than 4,500 new soldiers in the police and civil guards” which “allowed the restoration of about 13,000 soldiers lost during seven years of popular government.”

Transfer of ETA prisoners

secondly, Regarding transfer of ETA prisoners to prisonsThe minister recalled that the rule of law is based on “the application of the law” and therefore, Spanish citizens “will never understand that a government does not always apply it”.

“It is the application of the law that characterizes the rule of law and clearly a government,” defended the minister, who insisted that it was the same “rule of law” that “defeated the brutality of ETA”, a “terrorist organisation”. which “caused more than 850 deaths, many serious injuries, many threatened and many displaced.” EFE

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