Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Rome, (EFE).- Statements by Silvio Berlusconi, former president and leader of Forza Italia, about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intention to start a war in Ukraine have sparked controversy in Italy, where general elections are being held on Sunday.

The tycoon assured in an interview with RAI public television channel’s “Porta a Porta” program on Thursday night – that Putin initiated the conflict imposed by his ministers and his party and “aims to replace the Zelensky government with a decent government. People.”

According to Berlusconi, Putin “fell” into starting the war because “a mission to the two pro-Russian republics of Donbas informed him that the president of Ukraine had increased the offensive of his forces against them and their borders and
The troops that will enter, will arrive in Kyiv within a week, replace the Zelensky government with a decent people’s government and return within a week.”

Criticism of his political rivals

The former prime minister’s comments on Russia’s aggression in Ukraine have been harshly criticized by various political rivals of Berlusconi in Italy.

For Enrico Leta, general secretary of the Democratic Party (PD), it is “unthinkable to hear this irony” by a Western leader.

“(Berlusconi’s) phrases are destructive words. He spoke like a Putin general, it’s something very serious”, criticized Carlo Callender, leader of the Accien party.

Berlusconi subtlety

In the wake of the controversy over his words, Berluconi clarified this Friday that the aggression against Ukraine is “absurd and unacceptable”.

“It was enough to see the whole interview to understand what my and Forza Italia’s thoughts are, not just an extrapolated phrase: we will always be with the EU and NATO”, wrote the four-time Italian president on social networks. .

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