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SAN SEBASTIAN, September 22 (EFE).- Cesc Gay (Barcelona, ​​1967) presented today at the San Sebastian Festival his latest film, “Stories Not to Tell”, which will hit theaters in November, a comedy about women

“It was clear to me that I wanted to do it, after ‘Truman’ and ‘Felix’ and ‘A pistol in each hand’, because there is something in women’s stories. It costs me more – the director admitted in an interview with EFE did – but it’s very gratifying when you find it”.

Incredible actors from Ana Castillo to José Coronado play very small roles, adopting the “no story telling” scheme of “a pistol in each hand,” short and funny stories that come together in some way, only in this case, “instead of focusing on the men and “How badly we can get on with each other – he says-, it illustrates the most ridiculous parts of humanity and why we lie and manipulate so much”.

There are five chapters, each with a title-track, that begins in the style of a three-part story by Chino Darin, Ana Castillo and Javier Rey, with a vaudeville tone, “a world at the door and a dog in the middle,” Gay explains..

“Ricardo (Darin) has already retired,” she says with a laugh. “No, we stayed with Chino because he was a great couple with Ana and I liked the triangle with Javier because it creates tension, that rigidity of his, that Galician thing of not knowing where he is. Also luck can come”, points out the director, aware that these “actors” say yes to him because he steals a little time from them.

The director of “En la Ciudad” told Efe that he never thinks about the role of an actor, because he doesn’t like to write for people: “I think it’s better to create characters and then you can’t believe them.”

Sometimes, because they can’t, others, because they are bad. Gay said that Pepon Nieto called him to tell him that he had come down with Covid the day before the shooting. Gaudi was at the awards with director Javier Camara and told him “tomorrow you will be in Barcelona”.

“In the end he played Pepon, but he spent the whole day upset that he was a substitute”, laughs the Catalan.

“The beautiful thing about comedy is that it has so many tones, I always say it’s like painting, you have to find the color, especially in films like this, with five different episodes, to balance everything, so that they don’t have too different tones. “

Alexandra Jimenez, Nora Navas and Maribel Verdu are three friends, actresses who have known each other for a long time and who coincided in a casting. “There’s a huge comedy in all three of them,” says Gay

The director and playwright is now at a point where he knows he has to write, he says: “I still don’t know what (…) you have to let it out and then you decide whether it’s a vase or a plate, Find the best place for that material.”

So far, he says, he’s “comfortable” with the comedy, though he doesn’t know “how long” it will last.

“Let’s see, this time,” he said. Same age puts you in a less intense place, at least in my case. You think relative, what you feel at 30 is different than at 50. I don’t know, there’s something about comedy that I love more, but whenever it goes somewhere, there’s something behind it”.

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