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VALENCIA, September 23 (EFE).- Carlos San Juan, promoter of the “I’m big, not stupid” campaign, has asked the Economy Minister, Nadia Calvino, to continue progress to improve the treatment of banks. For the elderly and “don’t stop now”, even for the elderly in some “tough” moments.

Six months have passed since the banks signed a protocol to improve access to their services by the elderly and disabled, including extended hours of face-to-face service in branches, personalized and personalized telephone assistance and ATMs in simplified language, this Valencian doctor insists that it is “negotiable”. Not that one hundred percent of bank branches still do not work full time, because it is “a public service”.

Now there are 80% of branches with full face-to-face hours, but the remaining 20% ​​continue to work only until 11 am, “curiously” in “sensitive” areas such as around large populations, he detailed in the EFE statement.

San Juan also mentioned the minister’s commitment to implement the law creating the Authority for the Protection of Financial Clients, which has already been approved by the Council of Ministers but has not been published in the BOE, and asked him to know at what stage it has procedures to be implemented and what measures to solve the problems of the elderly in banking services. will continue to be taken.

“I appeal to Minister Calvino to consider us. We understand that there are many problems: the epidemic, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis… We also suffer from prices, but a person who cannot adequately access his pension is a very serious loss”, said San Juan, who launched a campaign in January this year So that it collected more than 600,000 signatures on the platform.

And he added: “We have to approve this law and protect the most vulnerable users”, the elderly, who cannot be asked to have “a smartphone, with applications and a master’s degree in computer science” and “what happened to the 10 euros when they want It’s 5 minutes to go to ask, come to us”.

In 2021, the number of complaints to the bank was “scandalous” and 70% were resolved favorably, but this percentage corresponds to people who have support, not those who do not know how to make a claim. “It’s unacceptable that they put restrictions on schedules or appointment requirements,” San Juan added.

The promoter of the campaign admitted that he was satisfied with the interview with Calvino and that he considered him “a prepared, serious and respectful person”, so he asked him to remember the elderly, who are the most vulnerable sector. of society

He considered that while the convenience of banking continues to increase, ATMs are not changed to simplify or applications are changed, and claims, as stated in the Act creating the Authority for the Protection of Financial Clients, can be filed without a lawyer or solicitor, which consents. The supervisor is the Bank of Spain and compliance with these measures is assessable by an external body.

“I’m not against anyone, I say continue the way it started, it started very well”, said San Juan, 79 years old.

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