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Córdoba (EFE).- Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Luis PlanasThis Friday warned agricultural employers to delay requests for applications Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) This means Spanish farmers and ranchers “won’t get a single euro” because of “legal insecurity”.

In a statement to journalists, before a meeting with the leaders of the PSOE in Córdoba, the minister described as a “success” that Spain was “one of the five countries” that approved the CAP in their territories on August 31, for which some “we envy in Europe”.

A successful cap that cannot be closed

“We have achieved great success for our farmers and herdsmen and the clock cannot stop”, said the minister, who scolded agricultural employers that “you cannot live in the Middle Ages”, since “the world turns and things change”.

Finance Minister María Jesus Montero and Agriculture Minister Luis Planas during the social dialogue table meeting for the recovery plan. EFE File/Javier Lopez

In this sense, he emphasized that “we must look to the future” and after describing the agreement as excellent, he warned that “if there is any non-compliance”, such as “going back” or delaying the CAP, it would mean that “1 January” farmers and ranchers “won’t get a single euro”.

On the other hand, Planas pointed out that Demand of irrigators for implementation of double rate For irrigation, as contemplated by the Food Chain Act, “is not located in the current context”, which “must make an investment” and commit to sustainable irrigation by promoting “renewable energy”.

The elimination of water cannon affects the hydraulic work

Also, regarding the idea of ​​abolishing the water cannon in Andalusia, the minister asked for clarification that “if it is abolished” means “There will be no hydraulic works” in Andalusia. Or “they will ask Madrid or the European Union” for money that the Junta de Andalucia “does not want to collect”.

Drought is creating the need to improve water infrastructure, as in the Sierra Boyra reservoir (Córdoba).- EFE/Rafa Alcaide

“Someone always pays here”, adds Planas, who finds it “deeply unfair” that Andalusia has given “a gift of 95 million euros to 18,000 people”. Announcing the abolition of patrimony tax in the region, Although “eight and a half million people will have to pay more for that gift.”

Finally, he assured that the government will “reflect” on the proposal to reduce the number of workers so that the olive sector can receive aid and advocated “waiting for capacity” this year, which is estimated to be lower than this year. The former, to see “how reasonably it changes the load”. EFE

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