Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Logroño, (EFE).- The president of the Riojan government, Concha Andreu, this Wednesday defended the unity of the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin (DOCa), which “makes us strong and different and makes us absolutely unmistakable in the stage viticulture.”

“The originality (of each wine) depends on our unity and vice versa. No one is stupid or confused”, added Andreu in his speech during the first offering to the Virgin of Valvenera, patron saint of La Rioja, between the institutional work of grape pressing and the San Mateo and Riojan harvest.

He believes that “each of our wines, each Rioja is an original work” and “originality, thus, the guarantee that we must preserve at any cost”, “originality from the moment it is thought to the moment it is tasted throughout the whole wine sequence. “

Wine, he assured, constituted “a vital, complete, imperishable lesson”; And this is art, “the art of ripening” and “the art of waiting”, where, between each harvest, there are moments of uncertainty and strokes of luck.
He mentioned “An excited wait, but attentive and diligent, for the arrival of vines and wine. For your continued adventure.

Rebirth and renewal

He recalled what has happened since 2020, the “paralysis” caused by the epidemic, “the suspension of this appointment – the crushing of the grapes – with the tradition of our primary contact, skin to skin, the first imperative” and this “interval” of two years.
If we think about it, “the parallel immediately appears to us with the hope of rebirth and reinventing ourselves, something that wine achieves every year”, he indicated.

“No one – he emphasized – could warn us: Covid appeared as an aggressive and violent plague, like a stone storm, like a sick wind”.

For him, from September 2019 – the first year in which he participated in the grape pressing as President Rioja– Until now, it is personally and as head of the regional government, “hopes, promises, fostering ideas…”.

All this, “waiting for a day like today, where we can open and celebrate after two years of unprecedented waiting,” where “the intensity of work and thinking about Rioja wine has not stopped and above all what connects us to it. Destiny, a As a fruit, as a symbol and as an art.”

“A two-year period in which we cultivated the desire and need to see the light again. Andreu, who considers herself “a wine woman,” underlined that the vineyard and we need it too.

“A kind of reinvention. And the reinvention of Rioja’s future is linked to the reinvention of our projects as a region of Spain, according to the President, for which this perspective is coming together in an “irresistible, irreversible and joyful” way as the capital. Vineyards of the World

Andreu says to go deeper to “shape our society, character and economy”; and maintains that “thinking about wine (…) is an essential way of thinking about La Rioja”.

Recovery, which, like crisis, is “never a local problem, but a global problem, dependent on numerous and random vectors and agents, never seems fully certain.”
The pandemic has joined the path of attack in Ukraine and “the long-awaited recovery must be measured with measures, care, justice and a complete and humane vision around us”.

Andreu is aware of the “complexity” of the situation, but he has “reasons to encourage renewal and commitment to wine; from La Rioja society and from its government”.
“Because we have a responsibility not only with its present, but also with its future, as a result of which our future generations will inherit the wine”, he pointed out, since “wine is transmission, inheritance. A wisdom”.

A moment of opportunity

He assures that now is “a moment of opportunity” and that it is “in the process of transforming tradition into a profession of comprehensive modernity”, which improves all dimensions of wine, applying it in new formats that allow its projection, knowledge. and marketing.
Added to this are connections to the world wine network: wine tourism, research and development, technical training, strategic positioning and competitive drive.

“But none of it would be essential, sincerely, if it was not sustained by centuries of love, respect and work”, he said, “an intimate and continuous appreciation for the talent, care and inspiration that gave it a unique personality. Our wine
It “recognizes our current and, above all, future steps”, for Andreu, who recalled that La Rioja will host the VII World Conference on Wine Tourism of the World Tourism Organization in 2023, which he witnessed this Wednesday in the Italian city. Alba

This conference is the world’s leading event dedicated to the predominance of wine qualities to enrich the tourism offer and, therefore, to the cultural, historical, gastronomic and recreational discovery of the regions that produce and care for it.
He ended his speech with the toast he made to the 2019 Grape Trading: “Happy New Year, men and women of Rioja wine. Happy New Year, Rioja men and women; Those who live here and those who live in Latin America or in other latitudes and to whom we now feel closer than ever! Happy New Year, ma’am!”

He invited attendees to join him in chanting “Long live La Rioja! And long live the land and the hands that make it possible!”

By Anna Lumberas

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