Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Santander, September 23 (EFE).- The Cantabria forest firefighting operation continues to work this Friday to extinguish the Polaciones fire, with the help of an amphibious aircraft of the Ministry for Environmental Change because they are difficult access and highly ecological areas. Price, and that of Sejos, which concentrated the brigade’s efforts yesterday, are considered controlled.

To stabilize the Polaciones fire, the 43 group amphibious aircraft coordinated by the Ministry for Environmental Change is currently working; A team of forest firefighters equipped with a fire engine; Natural Environment Agent of Ministry of Environment; and Leon Forest Fire Reinforcement Brigade (BRIF).

The Cantabrian Executive also reported that in the last few hours there were three new fires in Arenas de Iguna, Herrerias and Votto, although the first two were extinguished and the one in Votto was under control.

In Sezos, which is regulated, natural environment agents work together with a squad of forest firefighters equipped with a fire engine.

As of this September, 46 forest fires have been recorded in Cantabria, with only the Polaciones, Sezos and Voto fires active.

In addition to maintaining a burn ban across the autonomous community, a Level 2 alert for forest fires remains active in 13 forest areas.

The government of Cantabria recalls that burning is prohibited and calls for “an end to the social complexities that protect arsonists, whose work causes serious environmental and economic damage and poses a risk to public health and human life.”

For this reason, it calls on citizens to identify these people, avoid risky practices and cooperate with the authorities by contacting 112, the Ministry of Rural Development or the Civil Guard to report any sign of fire.

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