Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Oscar Maya Belchi

Madrid, (EFE).- The World Paddle Tour prepares a “groundbreaking and surprising” strategic plan. The objective is to maintain the presence of players so that they can continue on the circuit before new competitions. Alex Coretza (Barcelona, ​​1974) leads the new WPT project after joining as Deputy Chairman under Ramon Agenzo since 2017.

Versatile, an analyst for Eurosport, TVE and SER, Corretja steps in to “continue to be the best” as an executive at the WPT. He runs a company whose sports he sells television rights to in 140 countries.

Q: Why this new challenge in your life?

A: It inspires me a lot. Keep growing and evolving. I come from tennis and to me they are like first cousins; No competition, I’ve always seen it as growth. From my perspective as a professional tennis player I can contribute, not only to the Dam-Owner-WPT- and the World Paddle Tour organization, but also to the players to understand them and transmit their ideas. My dream is to build this bridge and we all understand each other.

I am very motivated because this is a very nice opportunity and I have always practiced paddle tennis since childhood. I only get better at paddle tennis and I only get worse at tennis (laughs). For me, pedals have always been a very important motivation.

Q: Why is paddle tennis booming?

Answer: Paddle is a sport that has grown a lot, certainly the most developed in the 21st century. You see it all over the world, anywhere there is a paddle tennis court. I played it before, but when I retired I started investing many hours, training with professionals…

On a social level, it is a very attractive sport as it can be played by young, old people, who have never picked up a shovel… which has made it a global sport and millions of people around the world practice it today. At the World Paddle Tour we have the best circuit in the world and we want it to stay that way. We want to continue to be the best.

Q: You are leading the future of the World Pedal Tour, as you say, going to be the best. What can you tell us about this plan?

A: I can tell you that in a few days or weeks we are going to present a new proposal, a new improved circuit which is going to be groundbreaking and amazing. A very great effort is being made in all aspects of the World Paddle Tour. It’s not just an economic problem, it’s a technical problem, how you present the circuit and keep improving.

We all have to improve in life. I played very well on clay and I would never have been in the top 10 if I hadn’t progressed on hard courts. These are the examples you should take; What has served me can serve a world paddle tour. The news for boys and girls is going to be impressive; It’s something very exciting and I fully believe that we’re going to convince them that it’s going to grow like no other. I have no doubt.

Q: A future where there will be Estrella Dam, as it is now and has been in the past. How important is your support to the development of Paddle?

Answer: It’s everything. Dam has paddled behind the World Paddle Tour for ten years when it didn’t exist at the professional level. A brand has been created, the players have grown with them, thanks to Dam they have made a mark for the players and this World Paddle Tour and thanks to Dam they have grown. Have there been any separations? Yes that’s right. And, in fact, I’m here to help us all move forward; I think that is the most important thing.

Then, logically, everyone should try to see their interest, but knowing and very clear that Dam believes and is committed to paddle for many years; Also on base with training, scholarships for players… that has weight too.

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