Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Valencia, September 22 (EFE).- Dozens of women sympathizers of the abolitionist front of the Valencian Country demonstrated this morning that Valencia is becoming a “paradise of pimps in the face of the inaction of the authorities” and demanded that the government take measures to end Valencian prostitution.

Protesters decried that since the city council joined the Network of Trafficking and Prostitution-Free Municipalities in 2019, no remedial action has been taken.

On the eve of the International Day Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women, Girls and Boys, Puri Liter, spokesperson for the Abolitionist Front of the Valencian Country, condemned the lowering of the age of prostitution.

“Now there are minors who go into prostitution alone, because it is easily accessible,” and assured that despite approving a municipal ordinance aimed at eradicating prostitution, no action has been taken.

Spokesperson for the Abolitionist Front of the Valencian Country, Puri Littor. EFE TV

Leiter also made a plea and told the authorities “not to consider themselves as the abolitionists of prostitution but to do nothing about it”, as he highlighted that despite the fact that there are many websites that show what is done inside sex centers. The government does not react to the exploitation.

“The only abolitionist ministry is that of justice and it is controlled by an abolitionist woman, Gabriela Bravo, because she is the only one who bothered to make a report and evaluate the situation existing in a brothel, because despite the fact that it is a public health problem, the Ministry of Health has done nothing,” He insisted.

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