Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Madrid (EFE).- Vox closed the door this Thursday to the return of ex-deputy Macarena Olona to the party in the wake of the “damages” that are taking place in the formation and wished him “the best in politics”.

“It’s the end of the road,” Congressional Vox spokesman Ivan Espinosa, who was in charge of ending Olona’s relationship with the party, said in a statement to the press. Espinosa stressed that the former candidate for the presidency of the Andalusian government is “being used” by those who want to harm the Vox project.

Olona appeals to the Vox unit

Former deputy Macarena Olona assured first thing in the morning that Vox called for party unity against his “family” and those who want to sow division “even if they are inside”.

In a message on social networks, he emphasized that Vox’s project is Spain and “Spain will only find itself from unity” and encourages them to “endure what is necessary”, because “it is worth it”.

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