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BARCELONA, September 22 (EFE).- The tower of Jesus Christ in Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia architectural complex, which will be the temple’s highest point at 172.50 meters, will be completed in 2026. Centenary of the death of architect Antoni Gaudi.

Jordi Fouli, the direct architect of the temple, said this at the presentation of the state of the works of the Barcelona basilica.

Figures of a winged lion and a bull were presented at the ceremony, which will respectively crown the towers of the Evangelist Marcos and Lucas, two of the four towers that will embrace the Tower of Jesus Christ and are slated for completion. year.

Despite confirming the tower will be completed in 2026, Jordi Fowley admitted his “illusion” would be “to see work completed in 2025”.

At the time of the act, the general director of the Sagrada Familia construction board, Javier Martinez, said that until 2024 “we will not be in a position to give a completion date for the Sagrada Familia as a whole”.

What the general director highlighted is the “progressive recovery of visitors the temple received after the epidemic” and the forecast will end this year with 3.4 million visitors, which is 7.2% more than the visitors received in 2019, with which it is expected to “enter 87 million euros”.

“Forecasts are optimistic” for next year, according to Javier Martínez, since the idea is to reach a figure of 102 million euros, which is the same as that registered in 2019.

A progressive increase in visitors has been observed throughout the year, since 2,000 people per day in January and now 15,000 per day in September, reaching 94% of the visits registered in July and August 2019, according to Javier Martínez.

At this time, the Tower of Jesus Christ is on the 8th level out of 12 in total and reaches a height of 126 meters according to Jordi Fowli.

The Tower of Jesus Christ will form an architectural complex with towers dedicated to the 4 evangelists, whose height will be 135 meters once completed, and of which Lucas and Mateo will be completed later this year.

The 4 towers will end in a tetramorph figure and to identify which evangelist each tower represents, sculptures with these figures will be used, which are parts of Christian iconography, art and architecture that have been used to represent evangelists for centuries.

So, Marcos’ tower will be crowned with a winged lion sculpture and Lucas with a winged bull sculpture, while Juan’s future towers will be crowned with an eagle and Mateo’s with a human figure or angel..

The tetramorph figure, the work of the sculptor Xavier Medina Campani, is supported by an icosahedron shape with 20 triangular arms that open to support the tetramorph whose wings are an elliptic hyperboloid.

The wings of the Tetramorph are made of high-resistance soft concrete and are 9 meters high.

In the case of the winged lion, which crowns the Marcos Tower, it symbolizes strength, courage and majesty, while the bull symbolizes a calm and docile pack animal.

The temple already has a 135 m high Tower of the Virgin and a 112 m high tower dedicated to the Apostles.

The original project for the construction of the Sagrada Familia in 1883 foresees that, in front of the Portico de la Gloria, on Mallorca street, a monumental staircase will be built that will connect to a new path 50 meters wide.

In 1976, in the General Metropolitan Plan (PGM), the land was reserved, today occupied by buildings, whose neighbors still do not know if they will eventually be evicted to complete Gaudi’s original project.

In this regard, Javier Martinez did not specify the stage of negotiations with the city council and neighbors, who are “at the same point where they ended up before the pandemic.” EFE.


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