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Valladolid, Sep 22 (EFE).- The spokesperson of the Junta de Castilla y Leon, Carlos Fernández Carriedo (PP), sent this Thursday to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment a report to finally decide whether to tender or not. Probability upon probability Restart the Garona nuclear power plant Including two new reactors, something the regional government announced last week.

In the press conference after the Governing Council, the non-legislative proposal on this subject was asked about the changes introduced yesterday by Vox and supported by the PP, while talking about the suitability of the Burgos valley in Tobalina – the current location of the closed Garonne. – To host a new nuclear power plant, instead of restarting as mentioned in the initial proposal, Carrido insisted that “no” they had any proposal from a private promoter to undertake a nuclear project in that area.

The spokesperson indicated that, in this and other sectors, what the board does is to contribute knowledge of “community realities” so that when a promoter raises the possibility of investing, the board can help him within its powers. , since it has been recognized that the body that ultimately decides in this area is the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

He refuses to apply an “ideological” criterion

However, Carriedo said the board would be “attentive” to the parliamentary debate, referring to proposals approved by the two parties that form the coalition government backed by Cortes (PP and Vox) and sent in the future. Contact to know whether Ministry of Industry finally tenders this Feasibility Study of Garona.

Asked if the board was applying an ideological standard to the debate, Carrido denied that extreme and defended that a “technical” standard should be applied, “without applying” the willingness and potential of private developers to try to build nuclear power and build new plants. or to extend the useful life of those currently in operation.

“The board will not compel a promoter to present a project,” Carrido briefed on the need for private companies to take the first steps in this sector and others. EFE

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