Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Washington, September 21 (EFE).- The Catalan president, Pere Aragonés, characterized this Wednesday as “economic Catalanphobia” by the president of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, to attract Catalan companies, for which he demanded the PP of Alberto Núñez. Feijóo that “remove your hand from Catalonia.”

“What I demand of Mr. Fizio’s PP is that he take his hands off Catalonia, he leave the citizens of Catalonia alone. If you want to vote for the president of the Spanish government, let him do it, but leave Catalonia alone,” he said in a press statement during a visit to Washington.

Aragones opined that Moreno’s proposal is part of “an offensive by the PP” that “aims to use the Catalan issue again in Moncloa within a year”.

He criticized that “he is trying to attack Catalan companies and jobs in Catalonia”, as he has “always done” with the Catalan language.

“They want to move jobs from Catalonia to other parts of the state. This is economic Catalanophobia”, scolded Aragones, who also used the term “tax Catalanophobia”.

The president of the government also stressed that the PP has “absolutely marginal support” in Catalonia, which he said is “respectable” but shows how little support his policies have.

In this sense, he stressed that “tax cuts on the rich have consequences for the most vulnerable people” and recalled that Catalonia, unlike Andalusia, has maintained covid reinforcements for health workers.

He said the government could thank this reinforcement for the inheritance tax, which Catalonia’s richest 1% contribute to, and “this is how it will continue”, he promised.

Regarding the general policy debate in Parliament from 27 to 30 September, Aragones explained that he would present “a comprehensive proposal for self-determination” based on a referendum.

He said he was “convinced that citizens being able to vote is the best way to resolve political disputes with the Spanish state.”

Za argues that a referendum should be supported by separatists and by any democrat because it is “the most inclusive and democratic proposal.” EFE



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