Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Madrid, September 22 (EFE) .- Malaysian businessman Sun Chin Chun sent a letter to the judge in the mask case in which he explained that it was impossible for him to travel to Spain to testify as requested by the magistrate, but that he would do so via video conference from the Spanish embassy in Kuala Lumpur. offered, which the Magistrate had already rejected.

In a recent brief received in court, the man claiming to be Sun Chin Chun, who sold medical supplies to businessmen Alberto Luceno and Luis Medina, detailed that his speech would be in Chinese and said he understood that the aforementioned The embassy will have “some video conferencing system that can be connected to a Spanish court, which must have a video conferencing system”.

The letter reiterated that he had already answered the questions sent to him from Spain to the Malaysian authorities, but he did not understand “why the Malaysian government did not send my answer to Spain” and offered to testify before the judge.

But he detailed that it was “impossible” for him to travel to Spain due to work, and he offered to hold a video conference at the Spanish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on October 21 or 28 at 10 a.m. Spanish time. Later it will be unlikely due to time difference.

Thus, the businessman responded to the ruling recently issued by Judge Adolfo Carretero, in which he gave “no probable value” to the alleged emails of Malaysian businessman Sun Chin Chun, in which he defended commission agents investigating the allegations. Fraud in Madrid’s city council, and summons him to travel to Spain to testify in court.

In this letter, the magistrate has made it clear that he will not send any further sick leave letters to Malaysia and will not make any statements through video conference.

He does this because of the emails he allegedly sent in the summer, in which he proved that those under investigation, Alberto Luceno and Luis Medina, were exclusive agents of his company, Leno, and that the operation conducted with them was correct “of no possible value” if he brought them before the judge. does not allow, “the parties to answer all questions concerning them and other matters of interest in the case.”

For this reason, he requested “the person claiming to be Sun Chin Chun to indicate the date on which he may appear in this court, if so.”

The businessman, who got the sanitary ware sold to the Madrid city council after Luceno and Medina, surprised the court this summer by email in which he pointed out that “the price would have been the same” because “you don’t sell at a higher price because you have an agent”. , and maintained that “without them there would have been no operation”.

Judge Carretero has already refused to send a new rogatory commission to Malaysia, whose government has demanded “reciprocity” from Spain, “with respect to the penalty of flogging, so that it can be applied to those extradited from Spain to Malaysia for the same crime that we are investigating and Which is punished in the Asian country».

In this case, where the judge recently agreed to appear personally for the state attorney on behalf of the tax agency, it is being investigated that the businessmen Alberto Luceno and Luis Medina, sons of the Duke of Feria and Nati Abascal, can do? At the start of the pandemic, the capital’s city council was defrauded in an operation to sell medical supplies, pocketing $6.6 million.

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