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By Maria del Mar Benloch

Valencia, September 22 (EFE).- Despite his father’s opposition as a child, when he told him that music was “the source of all sin and the perfect path to destruction”, Manolo García is still full of creative inspiration. Pouring his art into two new albums, where what prevails over who is behind.

“The important thing in a record is the content, not the writer.”In an interview with EFE on the occasion of the concert Manuel García defended García-Pérez that, when he recently turned 67, the former vocalist of El Ultimo de la Fila is offering for his presentation this Saturday in the Plaza de Toros de Valencia. New works, ‘My Life on Mars’ and ‘Plucked Follies’.

This Catalan singer-songwriter, painter, graphic designer and actor, currently on tour in Spain, remembers from the beginning that although his studies were focused on graphic design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona, ​​he started working as a designer at a record company, He has more than 400 covers behind him, including his own albums.

“I’ve always liked to design; I’m very inspired by faith, nature and time, so I always try to implement a metaphor and surrealism, because in a cover you don’t always have to explain everything or show the type of music that will dominate. You have to intrigue the masses,” he defends.

Singer-songwriter and painter Manolo García Jardi poses next to works displayed by Bontanic de Valencia. efe/beal alino/file

According to him, Every album is “special, because you leave your whole soul”And what he looks for in them is to “contribute to people” with his music.

In the beginning

He grew up as an artist between groups (from Los Rapidos to Los Burros before reaching massive success in El Ultimo de la Fila) and recalls that time “with a lot of work and uncertainty”, adding: “There was no money and no one believed No. We were, but we had the energy and we were moving forward slowly but surely”.

“There was little media – he recalls – but we live in a time when records and concerts were everything, people were shocked by a good concert”, although he insists there is plenty of live music on offer today.

Regarding the current panorama of the industry, the Catalan singer-songwriter is clear: “Now the possibilities for artists to work are worse, platforms take advantage of young people, they delete records without asking anyone because technology gives it better performance”, but does not lose optimism: ” There is still quality to music, because there will always be creators” despite the “use and throw away” usage that still identifies it today.

His creative process is based on freeing his thoughts: “You grow up as a musician in a difficult world and that means that there is always something to say, because you can say what you don’t like through music” and he does a set. Very graphic: “When you cast the rods and see how you catch your audience, it’s exciting.”

Manolo Garcia, in action during a concert. EFE/MA Molina/File

new job

Regarding his new albums, which were created during the pandemic and released at the same time, he maintains that they are “a reunion with a more peninsular sound and from the south, Spanish guitar, keyboards, electric guitars are heard…” But far from that. “Music is deep”.

From Saturday’s recital at the Valencia Buring, Manolo García hopes that the public will have a good time “and that the general emotion created at the concert will emerge”, and that after finishing the tour he plans to continue painting and will continue with him. exhibition

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