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Madrid, September 21 (EFE).- The magistrate of the Supreme Court who investigated the Catalan “procedure”, Pablo Llarena, has concluded the summation regarding the former deputy of the CUP, Ana Gabriel, who appeared before the judge last July. He has been on the run in Switzerland for four years and is being tried for insubordination.

Judge Larena issued an order agreeing to summary judgment and referring the case to the High Court’s Criminal Chamber, thus leaving Gabriel one step away from trial.

A decision that comes a week after the former regional deputy appeared in the Supreme Court, where he denied that he had disobeyed the Constitutional Court in the framework of the 2017 Catalan independence process, according to what he said, he had not received any requirement. from this court.

Larena Gabriel was called to testify after the former CUP spokeswoman in the Catalan parliament appeared in the Supreme Court to regularize her situation. The judge released him that day and canceled the national search and arrest warrant against him.

After his appearance and verification that all procedures deemed appropriate at the time had already been completed and no new findings were requested, the judge agreed to conclude the summary.

Judge Larena ruled against Gabriel in March 2018, considering that although he was “not informed or required to comply with the orders of the Constitutional Court”, it was “clear that the unconstitutionality of the process had been publicly known for several years, even determining Previous convictions for these same crimes.

He considered that there were indications that he could have committed the offense of insubordination—which does not carry a prison sentence—when introducing the referendum bill on September 6, 2017.

Llarena was tried together with the former president of the CUP group, Mireya Boa, who was tried by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia along with the members of the Parliament table during the trial and who, unlike them, were acquitted, precisely because he did not receive a direct request from the TC and his own Account disconnection could not prevent the processing of the Act.

Anna Gabriel’s situation is similar to that of former minister Meritxel Serret, who became the first defendant in the case to return to Spain to make herself available in court after fleeing to Belgium a year ago in 2018.

In March of this year, the Supreme Court opened a trial against him and referred the case to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia as the competent body because he is being tried for insubordination, a crime for which the Catalan Prosecutor’s Office requested a one-year sentence. Disqualification and a fine of 12,000 euros for that.

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