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SAN SEBASTIAN, September 22 (EFE).- Hong Sangsu undresses in his own way in “Walk Up”, a curious (and funny) reflection on the way of watching movies and artistic creation. An examination of one character’s temporality and three different personalities, a film director, who can make one think he is himself.

“I never try to make a film that is the autobiography of the author ‘Par Se’, I don’t shoot any scenes where I try to replicate what happened in my life, but I try to collect what I have done or heard. .”

Although perhaps “everything comes from me, the approach is fragmented, they are scattered fragments of my life since I was in my twenties,” he added at a press conference where he was surrounded by his main actors.

Nominated eleven times in Cannes, ten times in Berlin, where he won three Silver Bears, this is the fourth time that the Korean master has come to Donostia, this time competing for the second time in the official elections; In 2016, he won the Silver Shell for Best Director for “Lo tú y tu”.

True to his style, Hong shot “Walk Up” with supervening scripts that he provided his actors and actresses daily. He admits that part of his life is in these texts, but just as a fragment of thirty or forty years ago, as it happened to him yesterday.

“This film contains excerpts from my conversations with the actors in April; Some will think I’m lazy and I’m just stealing their speech, but it seemed like very appropriate material to me,” he explained.

Kim Minhee, who has a small role in the movie, is a very young actress who also produces. This is his second film in this scenario. “Compared to other directors, working with Hong makes me experience new things, and it’s a lot of fun,” says the producer who admits that, as an actress in Hong’s films, “she has to drink a little alcohol.”

This is another characteristic of the director. His characters constantly share conversations around bottles of wine, in this “walk up” it’s wine, but other times it’s not, laughs Kwon Hae-hyo, the lead actor, who also claims to drink real alcohol on set, “but not to get drunk.” For, I concentrate a lot”, she admits.

“I know other actors don’t drink, but I do,” he shares, and assures that the best way to shoot with Hong is “not to prepare anything, for me it’s like going on a trip.”

Kwon is Byungsoo, a film director who visits his daughter Jeongsu, an aspiring interior designer, to show her around and help her settle into a building owned by an old friend. He has just bought a building with three floors rented out to various artists; He reserved the basement as a workshop and resting place.

The three of them talk and drink during their first meeting, while Byungsoo is absent on a business call. But when he returned, it was the same place, but at a different time, and the owner of the building invited him to the second floor. The temporary gear is getting complicated with different Byungsoos very different from each other.

One enjoys meat, smokes constantly and – supposedly – the frenzied life that makes one sick; Another is a vegetarian, giving up smoking for vaping and drinking almost nothing but water. A third saw God on the roof of his apartment and was no longer afraid.

“I think the three of them are very close to me”, assured the director of “Night Alone on the Beach” (2017) for whom dialogues are important, but images are more important. “Words can help in more condensed times, they can create a rhythm and give humor”, although he doesn’t stop to think about how much dialogue he writes or why, he doesn’t think he should analyze it.

And he shot it in black and white and with great meaning, because he liked it and because, as his first “I” explained, other films “have a lot of unnecessary structural expense.”

Thus, he makes his own movies with the help of a couple of producers like Kim Minhee. “I’ve tried to undercut this whole system, sometimes a producer can take the microphone, and I pay these great actresses very little,” he said, somewhat jokingly. I shot six or seven times and I use natural locations, the cost is very low, but that way I can shoot my film».

For her part, actress Choeun-hee noted that “this director’s style is really different. You never know what’s going to happen with him.”

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