Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Bilbao, September 22 (EFE).- Geographer, writer and mountaineer Eduardo Martínez de Pison will be awarded the WOP Foundation Award, which recognizes the defense of mountaineering values ​​in the fifteenth edition of the BBK Mendy Film Bilbao. Bizkaia will be held from December 9 to 18 in the Biscayan capital.

“It is an honor for us to recognize Eduardo Martínez de Pison, who is a lover of nature and especially mountains. A scholar, boundless and committed fascination with the responsibility he feels with him and in which he recognizes himself,” they stand out from the WOP Foundation, A social organization that fights neurodegenerative diseases.

Geographer and specialist in glaciology, intellectual and scientist, author and publicist, Martínez de Pisson has received the National Prize for the Environment (1991) and most of his research, publications, teaching and thesis supervision revolve around physical geography.

In this case, the man from Valladolid was a professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid from 1981 to 2007. From that year he started teaching as Emeritus Professor of Geography at the same university.

He chaired the Spanish Committee of the Scientific Committee for Research in Antarctica, was director of the Natural Resources Management Plan of the Sierra de Guadarram, and since 1998 he has been director of the Landscape Institute of the Duques de Soria Foundation.

Martínez de Pison is among the successful winners of this WOP award for his ‘Drone’ film by Jeremy Collins (2014), Josep Manuel Anglada (2015), Sir Chris Bonnington (2016), Peter Habelaer (2017), Juanjo San Sebastian (2018). , Nieves Meroi and Romano Bennett (2019), Baltistan Foundation (2020) and Sebastian Alvaro (2021).

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