Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Barcelona, ​​22 September (EFE) – Ciudadanos inaugurated this Thursday its new headquarters in Barcelona, ​​located in Barcelona’s Ronda Sant Pau, in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, a year after leaving the old one, which was in the left of the street.

In a press conference from CS’s new headquarters, the party’s leader in parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, said the training accounts were “good” and had no debts with banks.

The Cs aim to restore face-to-face press conferences on Mondays, now from the new headquarters, where they plan to organize sectoral activities and hope it will serve as a meeting point for provincial counterparts.

The CS lost 30 deputies in the last election of the Parliament and in addition to abandoning its headquarters in Balmes Street in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​it closed some local offices, such as L’Hospitalet de a Llobregat.

At the press conference, Carrizosa indicated that the CS has a “solid militancy” and does not have “big diversity” in the figures: “The disaffected, those who leave the party, are not happening in Catalonia,” he indicated. . EFE




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