Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

A Coruña, Sep 21 (EFE) .- The State Attorney General’s Office has filed a new lawsuit in which it claims 564 more assets of Pajo de Meires, sources in the organization told Efe on Wednesday.

The case has been delivered to the court of Madrid because the rule establishes that, in the case of movable property, the judicial entities related to the residence of the defendant, in this case the Franco family, are appropriate.

The state claims ownership of 564 properties that were not included in the original claim, where it found ownership of Pazo itself and, in execution of the sentence, ownership of about fifty assets, which the court has deemed attached to the property.

In this case, 564 immovable assets are divided into three categories: national heritage assets, Spanish documentary heritage assets and assets that are in the public domain if they affect the use of the Pajo de Meires as the official residence of the head of state and, in addition, they are part of the Spanish historical heritage because of their historical and artistic interest associated with the figure of Pardo Bazán.

Sources from the State Attorney’s Office clarified that they were “due to Franco’s refusal to access the property, which prevented him from knowing the assets located inside.”

“The execution of the sentence and the access to Pazo allow to know those products and to list them”, add these same sources.

The lawsuit included a caveat that the properties would remain in Pazo and in the administration’s escrow until the court resolved who owned the properties.

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