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New York, September 21 (EFE) .- The New York Prosecutor’s Office has sued former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021), his three eldest children and his company, the Trump Organization, for fraudulently obtaining loans, insurance benefits and underpayment of taxes.

New York prosecutor Leticia James said Trump committed “tax fraud” between 2011 and 2021, and the state is seeking $250 million in damages, a ban on Trump’s businesses and a ban on buying commercial real estate in the United States. The next five years, he indicated on his Twitter.

New York prosecutor Letitia James, in a file photograph. EFE/Justin Lane

“We found that Trump, his family and the Trump Organization used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations nearly 200 times over 10 years in their annual financial statements. These statements were used to obtain millions of dollars in loans and insurance coverage,” he explained.

Prosecutors detailed that Trump was helped by his children Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka and senior executives at his company to “illegally inflate and deflate his net worth by billions (of dollars)” to enrich himself and “lie the system.”

Trump’s company is at the center of the investigation

Thus, the former president’s family business persuaded banks to lend him money on more favorable terms than he had achieved, and insurers persuaded him to offer more coverage at lower fees in addition to getting tax benefits. note..

The charges, which James took to the state Supreme Court, are the result of an extensive civil investigation that spanned three years, along with a legal battle in which Trump tried to block and delay requirements to make declarations or deliver documents.

A file photograph shows the entrance to Trump Tower in New York. EFE/Justin Lane

In early August, he appeared before prosecutors to testify on the matter under a judge’s order, but he took advantage of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, which allows a person under investigation to remain silent to avoid incriminating himself.

In addition to filing the case, the prosecutor recommended the opening of criminal proceedings to the Department of Justice and the Federal Tax Collection Service, which appears to cast a shadow over the possibility of a political comeback for Trump, who hopes to become a new candidate in 2024. .

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