Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Madrid, September 21 (EFE).- First Vice President, Nadia Calvino, has assured that the government is working to alleviate the situation of many families who have seen their mortgage costs rise due to rate hikes in recent months. Carried out by the European Central Bank.

This was indicated by the Minister of Economic Affairs on Wednesday, in the control session of the government in Congress, in response to a question from Ciudadanos about what economic measures he is going to implement to help families before paying the mortgage. Inflation adds to that rate increase.

The government is working to alleviate the situation of families in the face of rate hike.  Calviño in the government control session.
Vice President Nadia Calvino (i) Intervening in the control session of the Congress of Deputies EFE/Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Meeting with the financial sector

Calvino said he is meeting with the financial sector these days “about how we can continue to progress and deepen support for families who may have difficulty paying their mortgages” and is willing to listen to proposals and analyze ideas.

“We are determined to continue supporting the citizens of this country and to face the challenges from outside Spain in the best possible way,” added the vice president.

For his part, the leader of Ciudadanos, Ines Arimados, proposed authorizing “an extraordinary tax cut to compensate for the huge increase that families are suffering.”

In this sense, he admitted that the government is not responsible for monetary policy, but “it is to help families limit this huge increase in mortgages.”

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